Battle Rope

Battle Rope

The battle rope is an energy system training (conditioning) and muscle endurance exercise . It works muscles in the upper back, shoulders, arms, abs, back, glutes and legs. There are many variations that can be used.

Battle Rope Training Benefits

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How to Use Battle Ropes

Battle Rope Wave Exercise Variables

Battle Rope Training: The Wave Series

The Wave Series is typically what you see battle ropes being used for. The most challenging aspect of the wave series is that they are hard work with little rest; Waves require 100% output. These exercises can be used in a variety of ways, including various intervals for a particular time and/or for distance. A 15m rope, wrapped around an anchor, makes 2 x 7.5m lengths. Use this to help design distance workouts (400m, 1 km, etc.).

Time, distance, reps, etc. can all be manipulated to a variety of workouts and goals. Imagination is the only limit. Use the following variables to increase or decrease each exercise to fit your client’s ability levels and goals. When trying the waves for the first time, 20 seconds is a good time. Clients quickly adapt and can maintain a consistent pace and intensity for up to 5 minutes.

Battle Rope Wave Exercises

Here are six wave exercises, each stressing the body in different ways, using different muscles.

  1. Stage Coach
  2. Alternating Waves
  3. Outside Circles
  4. In-Out
  5.  Sidewinder


Battle Rope Variations

Rope Pull Exercises

  1. Facing Pull
  2. Side Pull
  3. Front Pull

Partner Rope Exercises

  1. Plank Pull (forward)
  2. Plank Pull (side)
  3. Plank Pull (reverse)
  4. Double-Rope Movement
  5. Tsunami Battle

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