Female Coaching Short Course

Female Coaching

This course will expand your knowledge on female sport involvement and how women can advance in leadership and coaching positions to get the most out of their athletes. In the sport industry currently, there are substantially more male coaches than female coaches across all levels of sport. 

Empowering the upcoming female coaches/athletes and providing them with the tools to succeed in the industry will help to increase the number of females in coaching positions. 

This course aims to prepare females to take on leadership roles and recognise the valuable insight they can offer as coaches and leaders. It also explores ways of enhancing community sport systems to increase female participation rates in physical activity. 


0009. Leaders of the future

  • Advancing leaders



0010. The social and environmental shift

  • Embracing social change
  • Enhancing infrastructure

0011. Growth in community

  • building community & organisation capacity
  • Increasing participation


0012. Active female health

  • Promoting healthy & active lifestyles
  • Preventing injuries
  • Improving performance

Female Coaching Short Course

Outcome: Expanded knowledge in Female Sport Leadership 

Career: Complimentary knowledge for Coaching

Study methods: Online

Payment methods: Pay up-front 

PRICE $500


Female Coaching Short-Course

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What you will learn in this course

Detailed Course Breakdown

✔How to promote an active lifestyle for women

✔Factors that influence female sport participation

✔How to modify current infrastructure to promote female sport participation

✔The qualities of a good female coach

✔The injury risk profile of females in sport

✔Gender stereotypes that influence female leadership positions

✔Exercise during pregnancy

Watch this introductory video about The Women's Sports Academy

Graduates of this program will be able to

✔Design exercise programs specifically for female athletes

✔Coach high level sporting teams

✔Support upcoming female athletes

✔Improve opportunity for female sport participation

✔Advocate and contribute to industry change

Training and assesment

Our courses are delivered online to you, no matter where you are located. There are 4 units included within the Female Coaching Short Course, with all resources required to complete the course available in your student study portal. A trainer is assigned to you for guidance throughout the course and will grade your assessments. Visit https://fiteducation.edu.au/faqs/ for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Why study a Female Coaching Short Course with Fit Education?

Our courses are delivered by personal trainers for personal trainers Once you complete your course, you will receive a certificate of completion outlining the units and have a broader knowledge of nutrition to help inform your clients of healthier food choices.

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