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Fit Education specialises in professional fitness courses for ambitious people

You can’t become a great coach without the very best teachers. All our courses are taught by experts who don’t just teach fitness – they live and breathe it.

We’ve been delivering fitness courses in Australia for over 17 years. Talk to us today about becoming the next Fitness Industry Professional.

Rob Cranfield


Rob loves a good fitness challenge and riding his motorbike.

He is passionate about health and fitness and helping others through their Fitness studies to become the best Fitness professionals they can be.

He is your friendly Trainer and Assessor, always ready to help.

Giovanni Capello


Gio is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and gym manager / owner. As a teacher he draws upon many examples / stories providing students with a practical and enjoyablelearning experience.

Craig Walker


Fitness plays an important part in Craig’s life. He can often be seen dropping “watt bombs” on his bike, along the Coro Drive bike way and at the Nundadome. His signature move is the brake check, His other passion is pumping out bicep curls in the squat rack during his lunch break.

Jack Dean


If not out and about representing FitEducation within the industry, Jack can be found at the gym both training and competing in functional fitness events. Outside of the gym (rarely) Jack’s at the beach or at some live music.

Amelia Davis


Amelia is in her fourth year of clinical exercise physiology at UQ. She loves exercise, more specifically swimming and basketball, and is so excited to see where her knowledge will take her.


Anthony Burke


Anthony originally chose a career as a Personal Trainer because he wanted to know that he was helping people improve their lives. As a Personal Trainer he has helped clients, friends and family to improve their general health, self-esteem and to achieve their sporting goals.

Aitor Satrustegui


Aitor Satrústegui is an accomplished marketing leader with a proven track record of driving results through strategic planning, innovative thinking, and effective execution. As the Head of Marketing, Aitor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team, having worked with top companies across a range of industries.

André Lima


André has been working in the fitness industry for a while. He loves teaching others and that’s why he has joined the Fit Education family as the International Trainer & Assessor. André has been practising boxing for the last 12 years, since he was 11. 



Brian Kerle


Brian Kerle has spent a lifetime playing basketball, selecting and nurturing great talent. Over 13 seasons he coached 456 NBL games. twice winning Coach of the Year, two successive NBL titles with St Kilda (1979 and 1980) and a fifth place at the World Club Championships (1981). He took the Brisbane Bullets to five NBL grand finals in seven seasons, winning two championships (1985 and 1987).

Dundee Kim


Initially learning the art of boxing to protect himself from bullies, Dundee Kim harnessed his skills to become a two-time amateur boxing champion in South Korea.



Lauren Sheppard


Lauren is in her fourth year of clinical exercise physiology at UQ. She loves sport, particularly running and dancing, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of exercise through the fit education courses.



Lachlan Moriarty


Lachlan Moriarty, our dedicated Course Content Writer. With a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business Administration under his belt, Lachlan’s impressive background includes experience with the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Queensland Elite Track Cycling Team.

Xavier Dorney


Xavier Dorney, reliable and efficient administrative expert at Fit Education. With a keen eye for detail and excellent organizational skills, Xavier ensures smooth operations, allowing our team to focus on providing top-notch fitness education.

Katrina Robertson


Katrina has a broad range of skills and experience. Holding both nursing and psychology degrees as well as numerous world records for power lifting, Katrina consistently inspires and assists those around her to see and achieve great things.



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Katerina Buzinova


Her passion for fitness and dedication to empowering others make her an invaluable member of our team. As our Head of Personal Training, Katerina’s expertise will guide you on your journey to becoming a top-notch fitness professional.

Chris Weier


Meet Chris Weier, the visionary CEO of Fit Education. With years of experience in the fitness industry and a deep passion for empowering individuals, Chris leads our team in providing exceptional fitness education that transforms lives and builds successful careers.


Certificate III/IV in Fitness bundle is our most popular course package, allowing you to work as a gym instructor and personal trainer in Australia. Fit Education offers a comprehensive learning package for the full Certificate III and IV in Fitness, which prepares you for success in the fitness industry.

Our short courses in Nutrition for Personal Trainers, Online Personal Training, and Female Coaching are the perfect way to expand your knowledge and take your career to the next level. With flexible online study options and expert instructors, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in your fitness career.

The Diploma of Sport teaches you skills to work with athletes and advanced personal training clients. Learn about drugs in sport; sports nutrition; sports psychology; strength and conditioning; technology in sport; sport development, sport leadership and sport ethics.  Gain practical experience from sport professionals.

Certificate II in Sport and Recreation allows you to work as a Community Coach or Recreation Assistant. Use this course to start your sport coaching career. Learn what it takes to be a great coach; fundamental motor skills; coaching practices; and what it takes to work in sport and recreation.


Our team has a wide variety of experience in the health and fitness industry: from strength and conditioning professional sporting teams across Australia and internationally; to working with elite athletes; teaching at university; running successful personal training businesses; and working with a variety of schools. Be inspired and motivated by our team.


Our goal is to produce graduates that are in demand. Fit Education combines highly practical courses, with a strong theoretical background, to prepare you for a successful career in the sport and fitness industries. Fit Education graduates are successfully improving the health and performance of people / athletes around the world. They include World Champion coaches and strength and conditioning staff (and athletes): award winning personal trainers; international level crossfit athletes and coaches; successful fitness business owners; fitness influencers; group fitness instructors; part-time personal trainers; and more…


Fit Education is a complete fitness & wellness company. Our team’s extensive experience and knowledge in the fitness industry allows us to provide the most modern and effective training techniques. We cater to people of all ages and fitness levels.

The team at Fit Education have worked with many professional sporting teams, including the Australian Wallabies, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Reds, Brisbane Bullets, North Qld Cowboys, London Irish Rugby, London Broncos, Bordeaux Beagles, and Fulham Football Club. In addition, we consult to many corporate clients and secondary schools on a range of health & fitness topics.


Our courses: Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30321)Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40221);  Diploma of Sport (SIS50321) are delivered from the National Training Package (SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package). Our courses are nationally and internationally recognized.

Once you complete your course, you can register and work anywhere in Australia. Want to work abroad? So far, our courses have helped people find work in England, UAE, Scotland, Portugal, Canada and New Zealand. Our Diploma courses are Austudy approved and articulate with leading Australian Universities.

Rob is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with a passion for challenging himself both physically and mentally. When he’s not riding his motorbike, he can often be found in the gym, pushing himself to new heights and striving to achieve his personal best.

As a fitness professional, Rob is equally dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. He understands the challenges that come with pursuing a career in fitness and is committed to providing the guidance and support his students need to succeed.

As a Trainer and Assessor, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He is a skilled communicator and an expert in his field, with a deep understanding of the latest fitness trends and techniques.

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to take your career to the next level, Rob is here to help. He is approachable, friendly, and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure his students achieve their goals.

Join us today and let Rob help you become the best fitness professional you can be.

Gio has worked with the Queensland Police Force, Aspire Academy of Sports Excellence in Qatar and the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland. Gio first entered the sports and fitness industry as an amateur boxer in 1992. The fitness requirements of boxing led him to expand his knowledge in the area by completing a fitness leader certificate and qualifying as a gym instructor. He’s never looked back, gaining satisfaction in changing people’s lives through health and fitness. His knowledge sees him conducting training for Brisbane Broncos, Squash Australia and several highly regarded Queensland schools. He specializes in strength and conditioning, boxing training, and is a member of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Gio has a Masters of Exercise Science.

Craig previously worked in the financial and stockbroking industries. He could regularly be seen on the Sky Business News providing market updates. However he decided that his real passion was with helping people with their health and fitness. Craig has dropped 15kg in his career change. Craig is an avid Collingwood supporter.

Jack has been involved in both the sports coaching and fitness industry since his teens. After following a pathway of playing rugby union alongside studying a bachelor’s degree in Sports Coaching Science, Jack relocated to Australia to both play and coach, where he specified his skillset as a Strength and Conditioning coach. Jack’s passion is in all things people and performance. From having gained experience in several positions in elite level sport right through to delivering fitness coaching in a variety of settings – Jack’s passion has turned to helping new coaches break into the fitness industry – one that has given him so much. If not out and about representing FitEducation within the industry, Jack can be found at the gym both training and competing in functional fitness events. Outside of the gym (rarely) Jack’s at the beach or at some live music.  

Favourite food: Anything Italian

Favourite drink: Small double shot long black, extra hot with dash of oat milk (please)

Favourite place to be: At the beach.

In 10 years I see myself: Still loving the fitness industry and probably at the beach!

Amelia is a dedicated student in her fourth year of clinical exercise physiology at the University of Queensland. Her love for exercise, particularly in the areas of swimming and basketball, is matched only by her passion for learning and expanding her knowledge in the field.

Amelia’s commitment to her studies has made her a valuable asset to the program, and her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. She is excited about the endless possibilities that her education and skills in clinical exercise physiology can bring.

With her energy and love for exercise, Amelia is determined to make a positive impact in the field and inspire others to prioritize their health and fitness. Join us today and let Amelia be your guide on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Anthony has held many senior and leadership positions throughout his career, from running his own successful PT business to owning clubs within the Jetts and Fernwood fitness groups. Anthony is currently Director of Distinction Fitness and is part of the Fit Education Training and Assessment team, supporting students with Certificate, Diploma, First Aid and CPR courses.

As Head of Marketing, Aitor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team, having worked with top companies across a range of industries. Originally from Spain, his diverse background includes working in technology, film, and other industries.

With a strong background in strategic planning, creative thinking, and effective execution, Aitor has a proven track record of success. He is results-driven and understands the importance of connecting with audiences, creating impactful messaging that resonates with customers.

Overall, this skilled marketing leader is a valuable asset to any team. His proven track record of success and commitment to delivering results make him an ideal partner for Fit Education looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

André studied the Certificates III & IV in Fitness, the Diploma of Sport and a Diploma of Health Science in Clinical Nutrition.

Brian has a record few coaches can match in NBL history. He has been Assistant Coach of national teams at World Championships and Olympic Games. Additional information will show as a toggle box, below your member’s biography. [?]ames, and has been one of the most successful basketball coaches in Australian basketball. His contribution to the game at all levels has been profound, demonstrated by his induction into the NBL Hall of Fame in 2006. Since leaving the competitive basketball scene, he has continued coaching in schools, clubs and coaching clinics throughout Queensland. He also worked at Sport and Recreation Queensland where he ran various sports programs including ‘Thanks Ref’ and ‘Deadly Sports’. Brian now combines the skills he learnt as a player, coach and business manager to develop excellence on and off the court through the Brian Kerle Basketball Academy. With Brian’s long list of credentials in sports leadership roles at the highest level, students will gain invaluable knowledge and support as they pursue their own careers within the health and fitness industry.

Dundee migrated to Australia to become the Associate Director of International Relations, and then Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University before founding Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness in Brisbane. Dundee is a world champion strength and conditioning coach and is frequently seen in Jeff Horn’s corner at major title fights. Some of Dundee’s notable credentials 2007: Most Outstanding Performer in Marketing, James Cook University Brisbane 2009: Qualified as a Personal Trainer and completed Certificate III and IV 2010: Qualified as a Training Assessor 2000: Graduated with Diploma of Ministry at ACOM in Brisbane 2009: Founded Dundee’s Body Care Trust, trading as Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness 2011: Created own boxing program which has been accredited by Fitness Australia – Boxing Confidence for Trainer / Certificate I and II (CEC 15 points for Personal Trainers)

Lauren is a dedicated individual currently in her fourth year of clinical exercise physiology at UQ. She has an insatiable passion for sports, with running and dancing being her two favorite activities. Lauren is a firm believer in the benefits of exercise, and she is always eager to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Through the Fit Education courses, Lauren has found an outlet to share her love of fitness with others. She takes great pride in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health. Her extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and her experience in the field make her a valuable asset to anyone looking to improve their fitness level.

Lauren’s dedication to sports extends beyond just her personal interests. She believes that staying active is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health, and she is committed to helping others achieve the same. Her passion for sports and exercise is contagious, and she inspires those around her to lead healthier and happier lives.

With her commitment to sports, her knowledge of exercise physiology, and her desire to help others, Lauren is a shining example of what it means to be a true fitness professional. She is an inspiration to all who know her and a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being.

Introducing Lachlan Moriarty, our talented Course Content Writer who lives and breathes fitness. Lachlan has a strong educational background, holding a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business Administration from the Australian Catholic University. He’s no stranger to the fitness industry, having gained experience with the Queensland Academy of Sport and even serving as the Assistant Manager of the Queensland Elite Track Cycling Team.

In his free time, Lachlan immerses himself in various sports and activities, such as running, exercise, cycling, and soccer. He’s also participated in touch football, triathlons, and has a profound passion for physical fitness. This passion drives Lachlan to continually challenge himself and explore new athletic pursuits.

Lachlan’s dedication to fitness goes beyond his own achievements; he genuinely aspires to educate and empower people to harness the power of health and fitness for personal growth. Through his role as a Course Content Writer, Lachlan helps others discover their potential and become the best version of themselves. With his unique combination of expertise and enthusiasm, Lachlan Moriarty is an invaluable member of our team.

Introducing Xavier Dorney, the highly capable administrator who keeps everything running smoothly at Fit Education. With a strong background in administrative work and a passion for helping others, Xavier is an essential part of our team. His attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service make him the perfect person to manage our daily operations.

In his role at Fit Education, Xavier expertly handles various administrative tasks, such as scheduling, communication, and customer support. He ensures that both our students and instructors have everything they need to succeed, which ultimately helps our organization thrive. As the backbone of our administrative support, Xavier Dorney plays a crucial role in maintaining our reputation as a leading fitness education provider.

Katrina Robertson, founded the Women’s Sport Academy following her passion about developing confident and strong women. At the WSA, we understand what it takes to build self-belief and strength.

We focus on a strong foundation of lifting skills and developing an understanding of your abilities to bring out your best.

We are committed to educating, mentoring, motivating and supporting women to reach their full potential in and out of the gym across a variety of sports and life.

Introducing Katerina Buzinova, our remarkable Trainer and Assessor with a wealth of experience in the Fitness Industry. As a highly skilled Personal Trainer, Katerina is well-versed in helping clients achieve their health and fitness objectives. Her dedication to empowering others to reach their potential makes her an invaluable member of our team, ensuring students receive top-notch guidance on their journey to becoming fitness professionals.

Katerina’s athletic background is as diverse as her skills. She has spent time as a boxer, weight lifter, trail runner, and triathlete, mastering the unique challenges of each discipline. This wide range of experience allows Katerina to provide a holistic approach to fitness training, imparting valuable insights to our students on the versatility required to succeed in the fitness world.

As a Trainer and Assessor at Fit Education, Katerina not only shares her knowledge and expertise but also instills a sense of passion and commitment to personal growth in our students. Her approachable demeanor and genuine desire to help others make her an inspiring mentor, ready to support students every step of the way. With Katerina Buzinova on our team, you can be confident that you are learning from one of the best in the industry.

Introducing Chris Weier, the dynamic and forward-thinking CEO of Fit Education. Chris brings a diverse range of experience and qualifications to his leadership role, boasting a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies from the University of Queensland (UQ), Diploma of Fitness and Diploma of Sport from Fit Education, Cert III and IV in Fitness from Fit Education, as well as a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Built Environment from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

With an impressive 25 years of industry experience, Chris has built an incredibly successful career in the fitness world. As a Personal Trainer, he has helped countless clients transform their lives through targeted fitness programs. As a strength and conditioning specialist, he has supported athletes in achieving optimal performance. Moreover, Chris’s background as a Physical Education and Science Teacher has provided him with the skills to effectively communicate and educate others.

Throughout his 19 years as CEO of Fit Education, Chris has consistently focused on providing the highest quality of fitness education for aspiring professionals. Under his leadership, the organization has grown and thrived, earning a reputation as one of the leading fitness education providers in Australia. His commitment to excellence, combined with his hands-on experience and expertise, ensures that Fit Education delivers top-notch training for students seeking to forge successful careers in the fitness industry.

Chris’s multifaceted background, which also includes experience as an architect, showcases his unique ability to approach problems from different perspectives and design innovative solutions. This, in turn, enables Fit Education to stay ahead of industry trends and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the fitness world. As the CEO of Fit Education, Chris Weier leads our dedicated team with a vision that inspires, motivates, and drives success for all our students.