What do you need to do to work in fitness in Australia?

What do you need to do to work in fitness in Australia?

Become a fitness professional in Australia: So, you’re thinking about becoming a fitness professional! Like us, you’re probably a little crazy, I mean, passionate, about health, exercise and everything in between. What could be better than being able to work in fitness, take that passion and turn it into a rewarding career that helps others AND offers unlimited potential for growth?

What is the difference between Online Fitness Course and On-Campus Fitness Course?

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this, doesn’t it? An On-Campus courses requires attending to physical classes in a campus and listening to teachers, the same you’d do in a High School; and Online classes… yes, they are via Internet. Duh!

The more relevant questions are which type of study adjusts better to your learning style, or even suits best into your lifestyle?

If you are already working and want a career change, you might be more interested in an online course that will give you flexibility to study at your own pace. Also, if seating in a classroom taking notes, surrounded by other students is not your cup of tea, you should look into the online option. It’s true that a lot of the time will be spent in a gym space, learning while practicing exercises, but there’s a very important theory component that will be taught in a classroom environment, that’s the way it is.

Alternatively, if you need the accountability that comes with attending classes and look forward to the social interactions with other fellow students, the On-Campus option is perfect for you. You can ask questions to your teachers right there. While some online RTO’s have great tutor/student communication in place (like Fit Education!), it’s true that many others are not as responsive, or can take some time to get back to you via email.

Cost is another very important difference.

Obviously, the prices for On-Campus options are usually more expensive than their online counterparts, as their expenses are also much higher. Be aware that there are public fundings and subsidies that can offer help when enrolling in a fitness course, just make sure to ask the RTOs about them.

In any case, the certificate you’ll get at the end has the same value, wether you choose to study by yourself at home or physically attending classes. When you graduate from a Certificate III in Fitness you will be qualified to work as gym instructor, fitness instructor and group fitness instructor, and when you finish your Certificate IV in Fitness you will be able to work as a personal trainer too. It is advisable to study both certificates as it will widen the options to find a good job in Fitness. That’s why many RTOs offer a combo course with both certificates. Warning! Make sure that your RTO is not offering an express course that cuts corners, as you won’t have the same qualifications and might have to go back and study again.

So, as you can see, there are pros and cons in both options.

Let’s expand a bit more about the online system.


Who are Online Fitness Courses designed for?

If you’re looking for an exciting and practical career change? A job that recognises your hard work with a decent income? Want to be able to help others every day? Or, further develop your own knowledge and skills? Then a combo Certificate III & IV in Fitness is for you and will allow you to work in fitness straight away.

These online fitness courses are perfect for anyone who’s interested in upskilling and/or becoming a fitness professional (gym instructor, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, gym manager). You don’t need to have any existing knowledge or experience working in the industry. In fact, many students that have graduated from online fitness courses haven’t even studied for years.

Some of the main reasons why a student will choose an online study method are:

Whatever your background is, studying a fitness certificate will help you realise your competency and become a confident fitness professional.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Online?

Studying online is the most practical and convenient way to gain a new qualification without having to centre your whole life around it.

By choosing to study online you’ll be able to:

What’s Involved in Online Study?

All fitness courses have a strong theoretical background with highly practical applications so you’ll feel competent and ready to transform lives. Once enrolled, you’ll have limited time period to complete your course online (12 months in our case). You’ll be given full access to a student online portal that contains the course material, lessons and exercises you need. In your own time, you can work through each course module completing both theoretical and practical assessments as you go. Keep in mind that not all portals and user experience are the same, some RTOs have more convoluted online platforms than others. Ours is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Doing an online course doesn’t need to mean  that you’ll have to be alone! At Fit Education we encourage our students to feel free to call or email your lecturer if you’ve got any questions or need a little more help to master a new topic. Because working in the fitness industry is a practical job, there are a practical assessments complete. These can be completed in  a number of ways:

Your Qualification-

Fit Education currently offer 4 levels of fitness qualifications including:

Upon completion, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification and can register with Fitness Australia to work anywhere in the country. Some of our graduates have even pursued careers overseas!

Industry and Job Opportunities-

Depending on which online fitness course you complete, you’ll be fully qualified to work in a range of roles from a gym instructor to a group fitness coach and a personal trainer.

Some of the places you could work include:

The fitness industry is booming so there’s never been a better time to get started! Check out the latest employment statistics here.

Are You Ready for The Change?

There’s no time like the present!

With a variety of nationally recognised courses, Fit Education lets you study online to become a fully qualified fitness professional.