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Get your Certificate III in Fitness

Become a fitness instructor or do group training

Get your Certificate IV in Fitness

Upgrade your Cert III to become a personal trainer

Get your Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Become a Qualified Personal Trainer with the combine Cert 3 & 4

Get your Diploma of Sport (Coaching and Sport Development)

Specialise in Sport Coaching and sport Development

Get your Fitness & Sport Short-Courses

Transform lives and gain essential skills with Fit Education's online short courses

Get your Certificate II in Sport & Recreation

Become a coach or recreation assistant

Get your First Aid and CPR Certification

Complete your First Aid and CPR or renew with us

Get your Personal Training Package

Get your Personal Training qualifications




Kick start your fitness career today!

If you’re looking for a new career, and want to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, then a fitness course from Fit Education is your answer. We don’t just teach fitness, we live and breathe it. You’ll be able to work with a wide variety of people, making positive changes to their fitness and lives, with one of our fitness qualifications. Educate, lead and motivate people to choose healthier lifestyles.   Benefit from our extensive knowledge, and network of real fitness professionals in your journey to become the best health and fitness professional you can be. 


Instant access to your course, wherever you are.

With Fit Education, you can access your online fitness course anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are. It’s all part of our plan to help you work towards your goal of becoming a personal trainer, at your own pace. We believe your energy and enthusiasm should be encouraged. Whether you’re a student, a full-time professional, or a stay-at-home parent, our online fitness courses adapt to your schedule. Our cutting edge learning management system provides all the tools you need to succeed. Complete your study with our state-of-the-art online courses, access our professional equipment on campus, or combine both. Whether you study online or in-person, our expert trainers will guide and support you, ensuring you gain confidence as well as your qualification as a fitness professional.


Get your dream job with an industry-recognised certificate.

Get your dream job with an industry-recognised fitness course from Fit Education. Our fitness courses combine a highly practical course with a strong theoretical background, and are nationally recognised. Once you complete your course, you can register as a gym instructor, group fitness instructor, or personal trainer and work anywhere in Australia, and some countries overseas. Our Diploma courses are also Austudy approved. We are fitness industry training specialists with a 5-star reputation, and significant graduate success. Many great career opportunities exist for Fit Education graduates. Our industry partnerships allow us to keep you informed of job opportunities.

6,200 +


5,000 +

Careers launched 


“The Fit Education course was a great opportunity for me to gain experience and learn new things about the fitness industry. The teaching team have a great theoretical basis, as well as years of experience.”
Veronika Larisova
“Perhaps the best attribute of the course was its flexibility. Often I had the choice of ‘at home’ or ‘in the classroom’ studies. In particular the first-rate, hands-on knowledge proved invaluable to my learning experience. I would recommend the course to anyone seeking a career in the fitness industry.”
Gary Belcher
“The learning exceeded my expectations. In particular the real life examples examples, the facilities, and the full gym on offer. I have now secured a full-time personal trainer position at Jetts Fitness, Taringa, as well as creating my own personal training business, Equipt Personal Training.”
Braden Hibberd


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Health and Fitness Courses

We have been delivering high quality courses and graduating fitness industry professionals since 2004. Our courses are based on our real life experiences in the sport and fitness sector, including World Champions, Olympians and Premiership winners. Our students have gone on to work professionally as personal trainers, gym instructors, sports development coordinators and health professionals.

The Advantages Of Fit Education Health and Fitness Courses

The health and fitness industry is booming and never before has there been a greater demand for trained professionals with the skills and qualifications to help people achieve their personal fitness goals. Today, even the modest sports enthusiast can step into the world of professional fitness education. All it takes is time, dedication and the right Fit Education course to set you on your way. Our online fitness courses are designed to inform the student at their own pace, with our online training you can progress through the educational material at a rate that suits your needs, work and life demands. Whether you take an online or an on-campus course, our lecturers are on hand to help you with any trouble you may have. We are a small business who prides itself on providing excellent customer support and training, helping you to become the best personal trainer you can be.

Are You Interested In Personal Training Courses?

If you commit to one of our excellent courses, you will avail of benefits such as:

  • Flexible study options
  • Complete your course online, in person, or a combination of both
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Work all throughout Australia and internationally
  • Flexible payment options
  • Study under working fitness professionals
  • Availability of up-to-date career guidance and opportunities
  • Develop a strong theoretical knowledge, with practical hands-on training
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Receive a wealth of great student resources

The First Step Into Your Health and Fitness Career

Once you have chosen the course you want to pursue, we can arrange for a payment plan that suits you so that you can kick-start your studies right away. Most of our students work in a different industry while taking our courses, that is why we make sure that our material is both informative and accessible to everyone regardless of how recently they’ve studied. Some of the courses that we offer include:

  • Personal Trainer Packages
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • First Aid Course and CPR Course
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Diploma of Sport Development
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Diploma of Sport

All of our courses are led by fully qualified industry professionals. Each course is nationally recognised in Australia and in many other countries. With an average course duration of twelve months or less for most of our courses, you can be qualified and looking for paid work as a Personal Trainer in no time at all. What’s more, you will benefit from our regular job postings and industry updates which frequently lead our graduates to find full-time employment.

We Have The Perfect Course For You

Find a full list of all of Fit Educations courses in the “Our Courses” tab at the top of the website. Be sure to also check out testimonials and stories from current students and graduates, to get a feel for the quality training that we deliver. Fit Education Tube

Be your own boss: take one of our health and fitness courses to kick start your career!

If you’re a gym / fitness enthusiast, or athlete, you’ve probably wondered what it takes to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor. It’s the dream job. Keep fit and healthy whilst helping others to do the same. Most of us have. When Fit Education was founded in 2004, we had many years of experience working in the sport and fitness industry. We had worked at the top, with professional teams including Fulham Football Club, Brisbane Broncos, and the Wallabies, as well as lecturing at leading Universities. This knowledge and reputation (the secrets of successful fitness) formed the basis of our courses and training materials. We started delivering courses to aspiring instructors from our facility in New Farm, Brisbane. Demand grew, and before we knew it, Fit Education had become a leader in delivering health and fitness courses around the world.

What do I need to start a health and fitness course?

Well, a can-do attitude and a love of fitness is a great start! Other than that, to work as an instructor or trainer in Australia, you’re going to need some qualifications. That’s where Fit Education steps in. We provide everything required to get you started, and all you’ll need to up your game too. To begin with, you’re going to need to get the minimum certifications in fitness education. Our courses are nationally recognised and even travel overseas to some regions. For group training and fitness instructors, you’ll need a Certificate III in Fitness, add Certificate IV to step up to be a personal trainer. But, what can you expect after completing your course and becoming a professional trainer? Well, it’s a flexible industry and you’ll need to pick the right career path for you. If you’re dedicated and hardworking, there’s nothing stopping you! Careers in fitness can be very lucrative and rewarding. If you’re looking to become your own boss, setting up a personal business is a great option. Otherwise, there are plenty of employed positions you could explore within the industry. Gyms and Fitness organisations employ qualified individuals as Personal Trainers. Exercise Therapists, Studio Trainers, Group Trainers and more, you can even specialise in particular groups (for example children or those with special physical or developmental needs). How you choose to work or specialise, is up to you. Fit Education can help you build your career with the right skills from the start. A fun and challenging job, with flexible hours, sounds great, right? We know what you’re dying to ask – what can I expect to earn? Well, the good news doesn’t stop there. An Australian fitness professional can really bring home the bacon! A Personal Trainer, for example, can expect to earn between $44k and $124k, depending on their workload, model and experience. A fitness instructor should be looking at a base salary of around $42k, with earning potential of around $90k. So, the sky really is the limit when it comes to salary expectations. It’s all about how hard you are willing to work, and if you’re here already we’re betting you know all about getting your sweat on to reach your goals.

Fitness Courses Designed for the 21st Century

Technology has changed the way the world communicates and creates value. Once magazines were the portal through which we gained a window into the health and fitness arena, but social media platforms have transformed this industry into something very different. The focus on fitness, gym routines, sculpted bodies and endurance athletes is undeniable and has inspired countless individuals to throw their hats into the ring. As such, the demand for fitness courses has spiked, with many more young people recognising that there is an industry out there that combines the very best of the health benefits that they enjoy and affords them the chance to make a living by practising more effective techniques. At Fit Education, we are the primary hub for fitness and health education in Australia. We offer our students a unique opportunity to learn in a manner that best fits their busy lives and schedules. What’s more, we are an educator that is not solely open to those that are willing to make the move to Brisbane. Our flexible online learning platform is the ideal way for anyone to tap into a world of experienced, highly-educated assessors who have extensive professional, practical expertise. Those who are looking for a face-to-face fitness course in Brisbane will be pleased to learn that our students are among the most successful in the country and go on to enjoy great careers. The combination of advanced learning resources that are continually updated and a smart approach to learning affords you the very best way to learn.

The Many Advantages of Being a Fitness Trainer

Those who are at the point of making a decision with regards to the field of study that they will pursue in hope of a lucrative career may wonder what the benefits of a fitness trainer course are. Well, first of all, as someone who will engage with fitness techniques and learn new skills, your own personal health and wellbeing is the first element of the equation that will benefit. Engaging with clients, regardless of whether you become a fitness instructor or a personal trainer will keep you in great shape and will inspire you to continually seek new learning opportunities. Education is no burden to bear, so the more useful knowledge that you accumulate, the better you can instruct your clients and provide them with a highly valuable service that will earn you more clients. If fitness is something that you truly are passionate about, wouldn’t you like to make a living off it? Those that love their work are said to never really work a day in their life. The more you learn, engage and train others, the more you learn about yourself and improve the regimes that will stand you in good stead for many years. A fitness instructor course is a great option that helps build confidence, boosts your social skills and enables you to meet new people that could lead to better and even more lucrative opportunities. What’s more, depending on the route that you decide is best for you, choosing the hours you work is just another advantage that comes as a standard when you choose a career in health and fitness. At Fit Education, we deliver the very best health and fitness courses available in Australia today. You gain an industry-recognised certificate and complete the educational process job-ready and with a fantastic qualification to your name that will make you a very enticing candidate. The world is calling out for great fitness instructors and if you want to separate yourself from the pack, you can start that journey right here at Fit Education.

Sign me up!

Great enthusiasm! Enrolling in our courses couldn’t be easier. Simply navigate to our website and click the ‘Enrol Now’ button at the top of the page. From there, you’re just a few quick clicks away from starting your journey to your dream career. Make a change for the better and fill out our enrolment form today.