Resistance Band Training Short Course

Resistance bands are a highly useful training tool for all fitness professionals since they can be used in a diverse set of ways, depending on the specific individual and their training goals. In this course you will learn the technique and theory underpinning resistance bands and the most common exercises to target each muscle group. This will provide you with the tools to use resistance bands across varying levels of difficulty and age groups.

High quality fitness professionals should have a wide set of skills and extensive exercise repertoire, so that they can adapt their service and get the most out of their clients. This short course is a great way to advance your skills as you will add a new training style to your scope of practice. The breakdown of each common exercise is included so that you can successfully demonstrate, cue and educate clients during your sessions with them. 

Since resistance bands are so readily accessible and easy to use, it is an exercise tool that is here to stay. Whether it’s for home gym programs or athletes travelling during competitive seasons, resistance band training has benefits that cannot be met by other traditional methods. You will learn how to construct programs for different training outcomes, such as agility and strength, as well as using the bands for flexibility and rehabilitation.


013. Understanding Resistance Band Training

014. Writing a Resistance Band Training Program

015. Reviewing a Resistance Band Training Program

016. Benefits of Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training Short Course

Outcome: Learn the technique and theory underpinning resistance bands and the most common exercises to target each muscle group

Career: Complimentary knowledge for Personal Trainers

Study methods: Online

Price: $500

Payment methods: Pay up-front 

PRICE $500


Female Coaching Short-Course

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What you will learn in this course

Detailed Course Breakdown

✔The theory that underpins resistance band training

✔When resistance bands should be incorporated in sessions

✔How to use the bands safely

✔The main exercises for each muscle group

✔Using resistance bands for stretching/mobility

✔How to design a resistance band program

Learn Multiple Resistance Band Training Exercises

Training and assesment

Our courses are delivered online to you, no matter where you are located. There are 4 units included within the Female Coaching Short Course, with all resources required to complete the course available in your student study portal. A trainer is assigned to you for guidance throughout the course and will grade your assessments. Visit for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Why study a Resistance Band Training Short Course with Fit Education?

Our courses are delivered by personal trainers for personal trainers Once you complete your course, you will receive a certificate of completion outlining the units and have a broader knowledge of nutrition to help inform your clients of healthier food choices.

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