Turkish Get Up

Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get-Up works the entire body developing stability, mobility, balance, and strength . This is one of many resistance training exercises covered in Fit Educations’ Personal Training Courses.

Performing a heavy turkish get-up correctly and safely requires you to “lock” your ribcage to your pelvis by way of your abs. This is a key skill for all types of athletes to master, as it allows them to both produce and absorb force through a diverse range of stances. The Turkish get-up also involves a lot of control at the shoulder and hence is great for shoulder strengthening.


1) Roll onto your back and place the kettlebell on your stomach. Press The kettlebell Overhead. Lock out the elbow, and pull the loaded shoulder into its socket. Place the opposite arm on the floor approximately 45 degrees from the body. Bend the knee on the side of the body that’s holding the kettlebell.

2) Roll Up Onto The Elbow, Then The Hand Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the ground high enough to be able to move your outstretched leg under your body. You’ll support yourself on one arm, the heel of the straight leg, and the surface of your flat foot, like a tripod. Keep your arm extended totally vertically.

3) Take your straight leg and sweep it under your body, placing it next to and behind the hand on the floor. You’ll end up in a position that makes your legs appear to be 90 degrees from each other. One knee will be pointing straight ahead, and the other should point directly at the hand on the floor. Keep your neck rotated upward, looking up at the kettlebell in your hand.

4) Stand Up From The Lunge Take your support hand off the floor and move your body upright, keeping the kettlebell overhead. At this point, shift your gaze so you are looking straight ahead. “Windshield wiper” the leg that’s on the ground so that both legs are now parallel to each other, in a lunge position. Drive from your back foot, through your hips, and into your front foot, standing up from the lunge. Keep looking forward!

5) Descend From The Lunge and get down.

This is one of many resistance training exercises covered in Fit Educations’ Personal Training Courses.

In this video, Gio outlines the lift mechanics.

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