Fit Education Mentors

Fitness Mentoring Program

The Fit Education fitness mentoring program has been designed with you in mind. A program designed to connect you with some of the best personal trainers and business leaders throughout Australia.

Qualified personal trainers are in demand within Australia. Qualified, quality personal trainers are in even more demand. That’s where our mentors come in. We scour the country, sourcing the best trainers and leaders in their field, to connect with you, our student, to set you up for success. All of our mentors have a unique story to tell, and can help you in the areas you are most passionate about.

Our mentors are connected with you to support in areas of your choice: from study support; business growth; social media marketing; specialised training techniques. They want to help you, help clients, and build your business.

Connect, network and engage one-to-one with a respected and successful industry professional by participating in Fit Educations Mentoring Program. The program runs year round and allows you to gain practical and real world advice covering all facets of career and employability such as:

  • I’ve graduated my course, now what?
  • Business profile building
  • Goal setting and business planning
  • Career options

A Mentor is available to students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

Mentee Expression of interest

Register your interest by completing the online form here

Mentor’s are an invaluable component of assisting you from student to graduate. Click on a mentor below and get connected today.

Mentor Expression of interest

Are you interested in being a Fit Education Mentor? Register your interest by completing the online form here and become part of our Fitness mentoring program.

Dundee Kim

Introducing Dundee Kim

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: World Champion Strength and Conditioning Coach

Find out more about Dundee

Jody Pavlou

Fitness mentoring program Jody Pavlou

Introducing Jody

Location: Newcastle

Specialties: Small Business Owner with a focus on health, fitness and training

Find out more about Jody

Linda Leverton

Fitness Mentoring Program - Linda LevertonIntroducing: Linda

Location: Melbourne

Specialties: Franchise Builder and Business

Find out more about Linda

Brian Kerle

Introducing: Brian

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Olympian, Mr Basketball

Find out more about Brian

Joel Lennox

sis40215 certificate iv in fitnessIntroducing: Joel

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Strength and Conditioning for Athletes, General Personal Training, Olympic lifting and Crossfit

Find out more about Joel

Cam Gillespie

Fitness Mentoring Program Cam GillespieIntroducing: Cameron

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: crossfit box owner, kids programs, business owner

Find out more about Cameron

Sam Waller

Introducing: Sam

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Business Leader and Franchise Owner

Find out more about Sam

Aniceto Cortez

Introducing Aniceto

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Start up PT Business through hard work

Find out more about Aniceto

Chris Hennessey

The Outdoor Training ClubIntroducing Chris

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Outdoor Training and Bootcamps

Find out more about Chris

Brendon Jooste

Brendon Jooste

Introducing Brendon

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning

Find out more about Brendon

Tamlan Hennig

Introducing Tamlan

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Personal Training and Body Building

Find out more about Tamlan

Gio Capello

Gio Capello


Introducing Gio

Location: Brisbane

Specialties: Strength and Conditioning


Find out more about Gio