How Much do Personal Training Courses Cost?

How Much do Personal Training Courses Cost?

Cert 4 in Fitness: Personal training courses in Australia cost $4815, on average, according to data recently published by MySkills, a website run by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

To become a personal trainer in Australia, you must complete your Certificate 4  in Fitness. Cert 4 in Fitness is a Nationally Recognised Training Course. It entitles you to work as a personal trainer in a gym, leisure, fitness, community centre, or outdoors.

Personal trainers are in high demand in Australia with Fitness Australia suggesting that the fitness industry will be worth  $2.2 billion this year (2020).

You need to do a personal training course before you can be a personal trainer.

You can do your course at any accredited RTO with the Cert 3 in Fitness and Cert 4 in Fitness on scope. When deciding where to do your personal training course, consider the credentials of the personal training course provider not merely the price of their program .

All personal training courses are not created equal.

Some courses deliver better value than others.  Simply because they are better designed and delivered. To deliver a personal training course in the fitness industry, you’ve got to be passionate about it.

So look for passion – The best fitness education providers will demonstrate their passion for making Australia healthier. In 2019 of graduates at Fit Education:

Fit Education has been training people in fitness since 1984.

Fitness is more important to Australians  today than ever before. People are spending more time in gyms than they are in pubs. It’s a revolution that Fit Education has been part of for the last 35 years.

What makes our programs different? The passion we put into them.  When you sign up to a personal training course at Fit Education, you get exposed to true professionals in the fitness industry plus a curriculum that’s contemporary, relevant – in demand – and that builds your strength as a personal trainer and business entrepreneur.

Fit Education team have worked at the top of sports performance, including English Premier League club Fulham FC, the Brisbane Broncos, the Wallabies, QLD Reds, Leeds Carnegie, and the QAS. These insights have helped create the principles of training our students learn.

A personal training course opens more doors than just those that lead to the gym

When you become a personal trainer in Australia, you gain a certificate, you also gain a sense of freedom and control over your life that you may previously have not thought possible.

For the first time, you may find yourself in a position where your work hours are flexible and where you are answerable to no one but yourself.

If autonomy and a steady income are what you’re after  – it doesn’t matter how young, old or even fit you are- a career in the  fitness industry as a personal trainer can be just what you need to strike out in a new venture of your own – enter a new industry and make your mark on it.

To learn more about our personal training courses, and to become a certified fitness professional, please call us now on 1300 348 338.


Fit Education provides five programs of study:

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