Top 50 Fitness and Gym Jargon to get the Lingo Right!

Top 50 Fitness and Gym Jargon to get the Lingo Right!

So, you’re eager to start your new career in fitness! Exciting times are ahead. Starting a new job can feel a bit intimidating at times, but it is a completely normal feeling that most people experience A lot of people find this especially true when the industry is full of specific lingo that goes straight over your head. Instead of worrying, take the first step by brushing up on your knowledge of fitness jargon before you start studying.

That way you’ll understand what they’re talking about in class and be able to professionally speak the language of your clients. To help you do this, learn this list of the top 50 fitness jargon hacks with the most common industry terms.

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Specific Exercise Jargon

Jargon You’ll Hear in the Gym

CrossFit Jargon

With knowledge of these top 50 fitness jargon hacks, you should be feeling more confident about hitting the books and training your first few clients.  We have prepared this comprehensive guide to fitness industry jargon that includes over 130 fitness jargons.

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