Personal Training

Personal Training

Weight Training: Why Everyone Should Lift

Weight training has many benefits including: Increasing overall strength. Weight training improves a person’s ability to perform taxing physical tasks as well as normal, everyday activities—like bringing in the groceries […]

The 10 Commandments Of A Personal Trainer

Here are 10 points all Personal Trainer need to consider and then reconsider! All Cert III and Cert IV students in our Personal Trainer course are made very aware of […]

Bulking Up and Gaining Strength

Want to Increase strength, achieve a suitable body composition, and maintain fitness levels? Read on. If you take your sporting performance (or health) seriously, you should already be consuming a […]

Gym Jargon

Gym Jargon: There is a lot of fitness industry specific jargon floating around. Brush up on your knowledge of the fitness lingo before you start studying your personal training course […]

How Much do Personal Training Courses Cost?

Cert 4 in Fitness: Personal training courses in Australia cost $4815, on average, according to data recently published by MySkills, a website run by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small […]

How to Become a Successful PT

Don’t like working in an office, having to wear a suit and sitting through boring meetings? Do you want to have a PT career to be able to make a […]