Video Blog: #5 The F Virus

Video Blog: #5 The F Virus

The F Virus is a video directed to anyone thinking about working in Fitness. Young Grade 12’s fresh of High School and people of all ages looking for their dream job and working in jobs they don’t like. You love exercising and helping others be healthier and stronger, but you are also wondering if this is the right moment to take the step, with all that is happening around us.

These days we find ourselves surrounded by negative messages and numbers that highlight the worst aspects of these challenging times: growing COVID cases, lockdowns, borders closing, school start dates compromised, etc.

We want to turn this around into a positive. Let’s talk about why this F Virus is going to be the great defining moment for the Australian Fitness Industry. We want to give you reasons for optimism and reasons to make the best-informed decision and enrol to study fitness now.

Let’s discuss the positives of the F Virus and how we are going to break through.

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