Fitness industry job statistics post-COVID

Fitness industry job statistics post-COVID

There is no denying that COVID has taken a massive toll on society and how we move forward with face-to-face jobs. The fitness industry was particularly affected, as during the national lockdowns all fitness facilities/centres and organised sports/ sporting events were closed / stopped / ceased. This proved to be an issue amongst the community as it put a stop to most of the sport for the period. But here you’ll find some fitness industry job statistics post-COVID that will give you a new perspective. 

The fitness industry was forced to go online. Ultimately changed how personal training (PT) and fitness industry jobs will run post COVID.

The fitness industry lost a lot of its work force due to the lockdowns and closures. It is not expected to fully recover until 2023 or 2024. 

View of fitness during COVID

COVID also affected people’s view of health, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach. After the COVID lockdowns, many people took the new year’s resolution more seriously.  Health is wealth. 

New gym memberships exceeded previous years. Some of this was due to the increase in new services such as online classes, as well as the increased importance of mental and physical health. 

Fitness stats after COVID

Some relevant Fitness industry job statistics post-COVID are: 75% of people have moved back to their pre-pandemic routines at the gym, however many have indicated they will retain the virtual aspect. 

In yoga 50% of bookings have moved online, and the demand for more mindfulness training has increased.

72% of fitness clubs now offer a combination of in person and online workouts, increasing from 25% in 2019. 

Fitness jobs are in demand

The Australian government described as “strong” the future demand for careers in the fitness industry. Currently our industry is showing a surge of new job opportunities available. 

With this growing demand many businesses are now short staffed and are in urgent need to grow and rebuild their businesses. 

Employment levels

Employment levels in the sport and physical activity have increased from 61,000 to 104,200 over the last year. 

Some quick facts

Relevant Fitness industry job statistics post-COVID about fitness trainers and instructors: 

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