Thinking of Starting a Career in Fitness Industry?

Thinking of Starting a Career in Fitness Industry?

Are you looking for a job that’s fun, flexible and rewarding? Having a career in the fitness industry could be for you. There’s an almost endless list of career paths, and, regardless of which one you take, you’ll be helping others to live a healthier lifestyle. But, before you jump in there and get trained as a fitness professional, it’s worth finding out what to expect from working in the fitness industry.

This article will help you to do just that. With details of possible job opportunities, the average salary you can expect, trends and opportunities in the market, we’ll help you to decide if a fitness career is right for you.

Types of Career in the Fitness Industry

While the fitness industry is filled with a wide variety of job opportunities, your career will be shaped by the certificate you hold.

A) Career options with a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation:

B) Career options with a Certificate III in Fitness:

C) Career options with a Certificate IV in Fitness:

D) Career options with a Diploma of Sport:

Average Salaries in the Fitness Industry

Because the fitness industry is so diversified, the salary range varies greatly. In 2019, the average of reported salaries and according to payscale for all fitness professionals was $50,000 per annum. However, this was spread over a range of $36,500 to $110,000.

The lower end of the scale typically represents fitness professionals with basic qualifications such as Certificate II and III, while the higher range is reached by personal trainers who own their own business or work in a managerial capacity.

Outlook for the Fitness Industry

Since 2005 the fitness industry in Australia has experienced significant growth. As the population continues to age and the obesity rate remains high, the demand for health and fitness services is only expected to continue to rise.

This increasing demand provides promising job opportunities in the industry. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics r estimates that between 10,000 and 25,000 new positions will become available over the next 5 years. What’s more, fitness professionals currently enjoy a lower than average rate of unemployment and our graduates generally find it easy to secure employment after graduation. Read more in Personal Training Employment Data, Gym Manager Employment Statistics, Sport Coach Employment Data.

Fitness Industry Challenges

The main reasons that people state for discontinuing their current fitness program and gym membership include:

While it may seem like these reasons are outside of the control of fitness professionals, being aware of the challenges your clients face can help you to provide solutions, improve retention and satisfaction. Can you think of any ways you could address these common client concerns?

Fitness Industry Opportunities

In the fast-growing fitness industry, all aspiring fitness professionals must consider these opportunities:

Fitness Trends to Incorporate into Your Study

Prep yourself to start your fitness career with a bang by incorporating these top fitness trends into your study program:

Learning More About the Fitness Industry

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