RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning, better known as RPL.

Did you know that you may be eligible to have your past studies and/or work experiences count as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards the achievement of units of competency in your courses? 

This means that you could be exempt from some of the unit of competencies and/or subjects in your course, and be able to complete your qualification in a shorter period of time.

RPL Credit.

When you successfully collect and send us the right evidence to support your RPL application, you can receive credit for:

Mapping the evidence.

What we need to do is map the evidence you provide against the Knowledge and Performance Criteria from each of the governments units assessment requirements. Eg. For the Anatomy and Physiology Unit in the Cert III in Fitness you would need to provide evidence that you have taught two exercises to each of the following client types (for a total of ten exercises):

Certificate III in Fitness

Meeting the criteria.

We need to have evidence that you have met the criteria for each of the Knowledge and Performance Criteria points. If we do, then we can easily RPL you through the unit and Qualification. If you don’t supply the evidence, we need to come back to you and ask you for the information which creates more work for you and delays the sign off of your RPL. 

So, the best way for you to submit a successful RPL application is for you to align your evidence with each of the performance and knowledge criteria in your application so we can tick them all off and award your RPL.

What type of evidence?

You can submit evidence such as:

Contact us for help with your RPL.

Yes there is a lot of work in an RPL application but as the training saying goes “perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance.”

Please, contact our office if you need help with your RPL application.

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