Fitness Industry Pathway: What Jobs Can I Get with Different Fitness Courses?

Fitness Industry Pathway: What Jobs Can I Get with Different Fitness Courses?

The fitness industry is set to continue to grow and expand, with increasing numbers of job opportunities into the future. There are predictions of over 21,000 more jobs in the fitness industry over the next 5 years. The Australian Government rates employment as “strong growth”. This is the Fitness Industry Pathway.

The Time is Now

This is the best time to join the fitness community and become a professional. If you have the qualities and skills for the industry there are endless opportunities. 

Compared to 20 years ago, careers in fitness today are more defined and easier to pursue. Full time positions are available at a regional and national levels for exercise instructors, personal trainers, management roles and clinic programming. In fact, today is the most promising time to join the fitness industry. 

This is a Guide to the Different Qualifications and Where they get you:

The Certificate III in Fitness – Minimum requirement to become a gym instructor, group exercise instructor, or fitness instructor. Work at Fitstop, F45 and other gyms with this qualification. → Gym instructor, group exercise instructor, fitness instructor.

The Certificate IV in Fitness – Minimum requirement to start working as a personal trainer or group personal trainer. Progress your skills from the Cert III in Fitness and gain the fundamentals of operating your own small business. Work at Goodlife, Snap, Jetts, Fitness First, or start up your own PT business. The Cert III in Fitness is a pre-requisite. → Personal trainer.

Diploma of Sport – Work in sport as a sport coach, sport development officer, or high-performance sport. Provide leadership to your sports club, or sport. With the Brisbane 2032 Olympics on the horizon, and the increasing professionalism of women’s sport; there are never seen before opportunities to work in sport.

Certificate in Nutrition – Become a Registered Nutrition Consultant and help clients lose or gain weight.

Bachelor of Exercise Science – Help athletes to be their best, as well as community fitness and rehabilitation of healthy people. Sport or exercise scientist.

Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education – Encourage and motivate the younger generations into sports/exercise. → PE teacher.

Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences – Learn the science in exercise and nutrition. Roles of food, exercise, and sleep to improve sporting performance or chronic disease.

Nutritionist – to become a dietician you will need to go complete master of dietetics.

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology – Specialize in exercise to help manage and prevent chronic health conditions and injuries. Exercise physiologist, rehabilitation professional.

Masters of Strength and Conditioning – Specialise in strength and conditioning.

Fit Education

Our qualifications and short courses including the Certificate 3, and 4 in Fitness, Certificate in Nutrition and Diploma of Sport, as well as a range of short courses, are an excellent way to enter the fitness industry. 

University Pathways

Griffith University recognise the Fit Education Diploma coursess as a direct entry into university. You are able to further your studies into something such as sport development and carry over previous learnt work. Therefore, not having to double up on credits. This can further be researched through the Griffith credit calculator via their website. 

Fit Education Certificate IV in Fitness and Diploma of Sport Courses articulate directly into University of Sunshine Coast Bachelor programs allowing graduates to further upskill.

Many universities such as the University of Queensland recognise the similarity of course codes. This means whilst completing your degree of exercise science or exercise physiology you can apply for a certificate through Fit Education. Allowing you to start working in the fitness industry early. 

Fitness Qualifications

When researching your Fitness Industry Pathway, it is crucial to maintain and uphold qualifications as well as continuously improve knowledge. Again, this is a service that Fit Education offers, helping to ensure you are up to date. Fit Education provides a large range of short courses. With them you will improve your own practice, and provide an edge on others competing for the same job.

These courses include:

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