Video Blog: #9 Racism in Sport

Video Blog: #9 Racism in Sport

In this video blog, we delve into the topic of racism in sport and shed light on the efforts made by Sport Integrity Australia to combat this issue. Racism has no place in sports, and it is crucial to create safe and inclusive environments for all participants. Sport Integrity Australia, a government agency responsible for ensuring fairness and safety in sports, works closely with various sports organisations to develop Member Protection policies and handle complaints.

Addressing Racism in Sport

If you witness or experience racism in sport, it is essential to take action. There are confidential reporting mechanism for these type of incidents. By reporting, you contribute to the collective effort of eradicating racism from the sporting community.

Resources and Support

To learn more about inclusion and diversity in sports, you can explore the 7 Pillars Framework.This framework, adopted by national and state sports organizations, can also be applied to local clubs. It serves as a starting point to address inclusion and diversity within sports organizations.


It is everyone’s responsibility to create a safe and inclusive environment. Sport Integrity Australia plays a vital role in addressing complaints related to racism. By reporting incidents confidentially, we can work together to eliminate racism and promote equality in sports.

Remember, reporting incidents of racism is crucial in creating a safe and inclusive sporting community. Together, we can make a difference. If you witness or experience racism, you can report it confidentially to Sport Integrity Australia.

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