Graduated from Certificate 4 in Fitness, Now What?

Graduated from Certificate 4 in Fitness, Now What?

Congratulations! You just graduated from Certificate 4 (IV) in Fitness! You’ve earned yourself a qualification that allows you to work as an independent Personal Trainer and/or Group Fitness Trainer anywhere in the world.

So, where to from here? Read on to learn about how to get started in the fitness industry as a qualified personal trainer.

What You’ve Learnt in Certificate 4 Course

So to recap, after completing Certificate 4 (IV) in Fitness online with Fit Education, you’ll be equipped with a broad range of skills and knowledge on how to help someone get fit!

Building on what you learnt in Certificate 3 (III) in Fitness, you ‘d have a thorough understanding of how to:

Career Opportunities

Fit Education’s Certificate IV in Fitness qualifies you for the following careers:

As a Fit Education graduate, browse our job board for current job opportunities and/or talk to your lecturer about our extensive employment network.

Options for Further Study

Although Certificate 4 (IV) in Fitness has set you up well for a satisfying and successful career in fitness, if you’re looking to become a specialist in a particular field, further study may open up additional career paths.

Our Diploma of Fitness is designed for industry current Personal Trainers. People looking to take the next step in their career. From building your PT business to recruiting staff and more trainers, to being a Franchisor or Franchisee, or to Managing a gym or multiple gyms.

Our Diploma of Sport is perfect for people like you. You hold a Certificate 4 in Fitness and want to specialise in the field of high-performance strength and conditioning. Our experts have created it to provide advanced training in the areas of personal training, sports coaching, marketing, and administration of larger sports organisations. You’ll also learn more about how to develop and train athletes whilst providing specialised nutritional and performance advice to them.

A Diploma of Sport will further expand your job opportunities and earning potential. If you’re serious about building an incredible fitness career, talk to us today.

Legal Requirements for Australian Fitness Professionals

Passing your Certificate 4 in Fitness marks the beginning of your exciting career in health and fitness. While you apply for jobs or prepare to start your own business you’ll need to get these basics sorted:

Other Equipment and Tools to will need

Starting your own personal training business? Working for a company that requires you to market your own services? You will find these tools invaluable to start, in addition to meeting the basic requirements for fitness professionals.

Start in the Fitness Industry

Here at Fit Education, we won’t just love you and leave you! If you’re in need of any advice on the Cert IV Course and career paths, feel free to get in touch with us.

Interested in studying to work in the Fitness Industry? Schedule a phone call with our Careers Adviser. Just click in the image below.