Learning to treat your body with respect – Short Story

Learning to treat your body with respect – Short Story

The human body is an intricate machine. When it’s in peak condition, mental alertness and productivity is high, performance improves.

Here is an interesting story for you.

About six months ago I was independently approached by two men to embark on a fitness and wellness project. The week before they had just buried their very good mutual friend, who at the age of 45 had died of a heart attack…

Both men, shocked by this had sought some help from me to get them fit and avoid similar consequences. All three gentlemen had several things in common; they were schoolboy mates who had excelled at sport and physical activity and later on in life had become very successful businessmen each in their particular field; they were popular amongst their peers and were all good family men. Importantly, they were making plenty of money to lead more than comfortable lifestyles but had to work long hours and sacrifice certain things along the way.

Why tell the story? All three men were overweight, two of them grossly overweight. The smallest of the three exercised a little; the other two did not exercise at all. Their diet was atrocious. Unfortunately, one was deceased, one well on the way to joining him and the third developing a pretty good lifestyle pattern to be joining him in just a few years.

Both of these men said roughly the same thing when they came to see me; I want to lose weight, tone up a bit, get fit again, feel better and have a lot more energy.

After individually assessing both men, the question was asked, when would you like to start?”. Then came the common reply; I can’t start yet as I am too busy at work. Once was working 14 hour days and a ½ day Saturday. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, I hear it almost on a daily basis.

Boxing Training is a great and fun way to burn the calories!

I asked him for just one hour, three times per week. After a bit of compromise we began the program immediately. The improvement in these two gents in a matter of months is amazing. One has lost an amazing 30 kilos and the other commented to me that he hadn’t felt this good since he moved to Queensland.

Fit Education have a vast background with working with people of all levels of fitness – from elite athletes to everyday people who simply want to be in control of their life and their bodies.