Changes in Certificate Courses: How Does It Affect Me?

Changes in Certificate Courses: How Does It Affect Me?

Hello, fitness enthusiasts!

Changes in Certificate Courses: How does it affect me? It’s no secret that fitness education has evolved over the years. Recently, the Australian government has introduced a change in the fitness training industry. The Certificate III SIS30315 and Certificate IV SIS40215 courses have been upgraded to the new Certificate III SIS30321 and Certificate IV SIS40221.

We understand these changes can bring up some queries. So, here’s a rundown of how these changes impact you.

What you need to know

Good news for those who have graduated with the previous certificates (Certificate III SIS30315 and Certificate IV SIS40215)! Your qualifications are still valid and no further steps are needed.

However, if you’re on the journey of studying the old courses or aiming to jump on the new Cert IV after finishing your old Cert III SIS30315, here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you’re on the path with the latest Cert III SIS30321 and/or Cert IV SIS40221, you’re already keeping up with government updates. Carry on!
  2. Also, if you’ve completed Certificate III SIS30315 and aiming to step into the new Cert IV SIS40221, reach out to us at Fit Education. We’ll ensure your transition is seamless.
  3. Students continuing the old Cert III SIS30315 or SIS40215 after May 10th, 2023, take note. Additional assessments are needed to align you with the SIS30321 or SIS40221. We recommend you to complete the SIS30315 or SIS40215 before May 10 2023.

To confirm your specific course enrollment, check out your student portal in Cloud Assess.

Contact us with your queries

Queries? Concerns? Reach out! Our team is certainly here to support your journey in fitness education. Contact us on:

We, at Fit Education, are dedicated to offering top-tier education and nurturing your success in the fitness industry. Remember, changes might be confusing but with the right guidance, they can be easily navigated. So, don’t let these changes add stress. Get in touch with us today for more information and guidance.

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