Diploma of Fitness

Diploma of Fitness

Monster Walk

Monster Walk: The Monster Walk is a common resistance training exercises for strengthening / activating the glutes. The Monster Walk is a great exercise for helping people who are having […]

PD Day for Teachers

Teacher PD Day

Fit Education’s Professional Development Day focusses on updating professional knowledge in VET and Fitness for delivery in the classroom, gym and on the sports field.


Deadlifts are great

The Deadlift is a simple exercise. Pick up a heavy bar off the ground then put it down again. It is one of the most effective exercises for improving total-body […]

Health is Wealth.


Health is Wealth – In the recent 11th of May Federal Budget, the Treasurer stated that addressing the nation’s mental health ‘is a clear national priority’.


Supersets are a great way to help build strength and muscle time efficiently.

Does Exercise Really Work?

With the demands of the workplace ever increasing, it would be comforting to know that exercise didn’t really matter to our health and wellbeing, and if we did spend our […]

Bulking Up and Gaining Strength

Want to Increase strength, achieve a suitable body composition, and maintain fitness levels? Read on. If you take your sporting performance (or health) seriously, you should already be consuming a […]

Gym Managers – Employment Statistics

Gym managers, personal training managers, and group fitness managers play a crucial role in managing fitness centres, personal training studios, and sports clubs. Not only do they oversee the day-to-day […]

PD Day for Teachers

Teacher PD Day

Fit Education PD Day for Teachers. Meet and network with other teachers . Gain VET and industry experience required for delivery. VET and Fitness Industry Currency. Learn about the latest […]

VALD Practical Workshop


Human Measurement Technologies Helping high performance sport and tactical professionals to get the right information, for the right decision, at the right time. Listen and watch / try practical demonstrations […]