Sports Coach

Sports Coach

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises

Exercise is commonly divided into two types; aerobic (things like running, swimming and cycling) and anaerobic exercise (weight training and activities that last less than approximately one minute, such as […]

Darn Well Jogging Around: Polarised Training

THE CONCEPT OF POLARISED TRAINING AND SUCCESSFUL ENDURANCE TRAINING A review of the literature on polarised training for endurance training. ABSTRACT There are many ways to train endurance. Recently in […]

12 Tips for Successful Sport Coaching

Sportspeople regularly comment on the impact their coaches have had on them as athletes and people (both positive and negative). To excel in Sport Coaching it is important to understand this […]

Youth Coaching Advice

This post provides youth coaching advice on analyzing the demands of their sport before designing youth programs. It covers topics such as technique, exercise selection, variety, prehab programs, and specialization. […]

Core Training

What is your ‘core’? what are the best ways of ensuring core training in this area of your body to be strong at all times? I don’t like to use […]

Youth Sport

Youth Sport. What are the key principles of program design for young athletes?