Help your teen decide what to do after Year 12: Is a Career in Fitness the right choice?

Help your teen decide what to do after Year 12: Is a Career in Fitness the right choice?

Parents worry. That’s what we do. 

Sometimes we worry without a reason, and sometimes there is. There are specific moments in the lives of our children that we must be parents and provide advice. Our children might not listen, but our job is to help them in those defining moments. Finishing High School and thinking what to do after Year 12 is one of those moments. Up until then, their academic decisions weren’t definitive. They have been able to choose different subjects and interests during their high school years without too much consequence for their future. It was the moment to try different things.

The stakes are higher after High School. We all know that life has many twists and turns, but Grade 12 graduation is the time to start building a career. 

University is not the only option. 

Maybe you teenager’s strengths and potential are not suitable to the academic environment; maybe they want to make some money; or maybe they are just not ready yet. In any case, if your child has shown a love for sports and exercise during their High School years, a career in fitness can be a great option for them.

If they love playing sports; if being fit and healthy is part of who they are; and they love spending their time in the gym, then the fitness industry might be the right place for them. Ask them about what it is they love so much about this part of their life. Talk with them about a career in fitness and help them research different professional options and if this is something they’d be interested in doing.

Help your teen decide what to do after Year 12
Talk with your kid about what to do after Year 12

Fitness is a growing industry but is not for everyone.

At Fit Education, we have trained thousands of fitness professionals. We have the experience and have seen what it takes to be happy and successful working in fitness. The fitness industry is a growing industry. We constantly receive emails and phone calls from gym owners and fitness businesses asking for new graduates. The average salary for a Personal Trainer is around $60K per year, but it’s not weird to find trainers that are making three digits, with the right experience and skills. Kayla Itsines just sold her online fitness business “Sweat” for $400 million!

This being said, a job in fitness is not for everybody. You must love exercising, and helping others become healthier and fulfill their fitness goals. A Personal Trainer will need to motivate and support their clients, and should love the personal interactions with them. They must build long-term relationships with their clients. Someone too shy or that doesn’t like meeting new people might not be the best suited for this type of job. But if your kids love making friends and talking with others, they’ll have a blast in a fitness job.

What are the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness?

Another very important thing to tell your kids about studying fitness, at least with us at Fit Education, is that they can study online and there’s a lot of flexibility in when to study and how long it takes to finish the courses. Some people take two years to finish their Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness, and some people smash through it in just a couple of months. It all depends on how much time and effort you are ready to put into it. 

The Cert III and IV in Fitness are competency-based, which means that they need to demonstrate that they know their craft in a series of practical and work-related assignments (rather than passing exams and getting grades). This type of training is ideal for students that do not enjoy the academic rigidity of High School and Uni. 

Is a Career in Fitness the right choice?
Ask your Year 12 about what they love so much about Fitness.

Ok. My kid wants to study fitness. Now what?

The first thing they should know when they make their minds about working in the Fitness Industry is what are the study / job options: 

If you or they have other questions, then contact us. Our career advisors are very experienced and will answer all your doubts. You can book a phone call in here.

We also recommend you visit our testimonials page, with many videos from our past students and graduates talking about what is it like to study with us.

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