Hydration Issues – Preparation And Recovery

Hydration Issues – Preparation And Recovery

Hydration: In the heat and humidity of our tropical climate, it is very important to begin an event or training session well hydrated and have a plan to stay well hydrated throughout. Decreases in mental function will affect your judgement and lead to poorer performances.

Facts About Dehydration:

Hydration Guidelines Summary

Dehydration impairs performance and mental skills, especially in hot weather.

Hydration Plan (Needs to be practiced well prior to Season to prevent gastro intestinal upset!!)

Preparation and Recovery Nutrition

Eating well before your event and in the days prior will have a big effect on your performance. To perform at your best it is important to start the event in optimal hydrated and fuelled state. It should not be necessary to eat solid food during a game that lasts under 90 min if you’re in a well fed state. If you fatigue early in the event you probably haven’t: Eaten enough Carbohydrate (CHO) beforehand; taken enough sport drink; trained enough; or have overtrained!!

The following Information table will help you fine tune your nutrition intake to fuel your games and maximise recovery so you can train effectively.

Nutrition Plan (Needs to be practiced well prior to Season to prevent gastro intestinal upset!!)


Eating a meal rich in carbohydrate (pastas, bread, rice, potato) during the night previous to the event can help load CHO stores, this is especially effective if the event is early the next morning and a smaller pre event meal can only be eaten.





There is a 2hr opportunity post-exercise where your body will recover glycogen stores quickly if adequate CHO are ingested, this will aid you recovery


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