Diploma of Sport Development

Diploma of Sport Development

Programming For Sports Specific Training

Programming: Over the years there has been much debate over the effectiveness of sports-specific resistance training, likewise, the effectiveness of not engaging in it. This article aims to give a […]

Darn Well Jogging Around: Polarised Training

THE CONCEPT OF POLARISED TRAINING AND SUCCESSFUL ENDURANCE TRAINING A review of the literature on polarised training for endurance training. ABSTRACT There are many ways to train endurance. Recently in […]

12 Tips for Successful Sport Coaching

Sportspeople regularly comment on the impact their coaches have had on them as athletes and people (both positive and negative). To excel in Sport Coaching it is important to understand this […]

Strength and Conditioning of Elite Athletes

Elite athletes’ are extraordinary people that do superhuman things, right? A portion of this statement is correct, the other is debatable and owns a lot to their strength and conditioning […]

Strength Training For Masters Athletes

STRENGTH TRAINING FACT:  Veteran athletes lose strength as they age. Humans start losing muscle mass after the age of 38. Research suggests that this age-related loss of muscle strength impacts […]

Gordon Pirie’s Laws Of Running

Running: Gordon Piries’s Laws of Running Gordon Pirie (10 February 1931 – 7 December 1991) was an English long-distance runner. He competed in the 5000 m and 10,000 m events […]

Shin Splints

There is much confusion over the difference between shin splints and stress fractures in the running community. The term shin splints is a name often given to any pain at […]