Cert III and IV in Fitness

If you’re looking for a new career and want to help people to achieve their health and fitness goals, then the combined Cert III and IV in Fitness is the course you need.

As a qualified Personal Trainer,  you’ll be able to work with a wide variety of clients, identifying their goals and preparing personalised fitness programs for them. Your nationally recognised qualification will enable you to work independently or in a gym across Australia, and internationally.

We don’t just teach fitness, we live and breathe it. Fit Education focuses on educating, leading and motivating people to choose a healthier lifestyle. With a strong theoretical knowledge, combined with practical, and hands-on experience, our graduates are in demand.

You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge from real fitness professionals who have worked with many professional sporting teams including the Australian Wallabies, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Reds, Brisbane Bullets, London Broncos and Fulham Football Club.

We also have great partnerships across the industry, and keep our students informed of job opportunities.

Our comprehensive course offers everything you need to become a fully qualified fitness professional and help others make a change in their lives. We teach our students to become the best health and fitness professionals they can be with our comprehensive fitness course that combines both Certificate III in Fitness & Certificate IV in Fitness. 

Who is this course for?

The Certificate III & IV in Fitness is a great way to kick-start a new career in the fitness industry. Graduates can start rewarding careers as:

✔ Personal trainer, independently or with a gym

✔ Group trainer

✔ Fitness instructor

Entry requirements

You don’t need a specific fitness level or prior fitness knowledge to acquire the combined Certificate III & IV in Fitness. You just need to meet our basic LLN requirements so we can be sure that you will be successful in the course.

What you’ll get out of this course

✔ Conduct and evaluate long-term periodical fitness plans

✔ Evaluate and analyse the performance of individuals or groups, in a variety of settings

✔ Be competent in strength and conditioning programs

✔ Work as a strength and conditioning coach for a sporting team

✔ Teach anatomy and physiology

✔ Design exercise programs

✔ Instruct community fitness programs

✔ Develop sales and marketing skills

✔ Start your own personal training business

✔ Motivate clients

Course: Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness)

Code: SIS30321 and SIS40221

Outcome: Nationally Recognised Training

Career: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Trainer, Online Coach

Study methods: Online, on campus, or a combination

Payment methods: Pay up-front (discounts apply or flexible payment plan)

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Training and assesment

Our courses are delivered online to you, no matter where you are located. There are 12 modules included within the Certificate III & IV in Fitness, with all resources required to complete the course available in your student study portal. A trainer is assigned to you for guidance throughout the course and will grade your assessments. Need extra help in your local area? Let us connect you with a mentor in your area today.

Visit https://fiteducation.edu.au/faqs/ for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Our Flexible Study Formats

  • Full-time face-to-face learning at our Brisbane campus (Seasonal)
  • Blended learning, combining face-to-face learning and online study
  • Online studying

Your preferred study mode may influence the duration of the course.

Why Study Certificate III & IV in Fitness with Fit Education?

Our combined Certificate III & IV in Fitness (SIS30321 and SIS40221) course is delivered from the National Training Package (SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package). Once you complete your course, you can register with Fitness Australia and work anywhere in Australia as a fully qualified fitness instructor, gym instructor or group fitness instructor.

Want to work abroad? So far, our courses have helped people find work around the world including England, Scotland, Portugal, South Korea, Brazil, USA, Canada, France, Serbia, India and New Zealand.

Certificate III in Fitness Course Modules

Individual Units

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  • SISFFIT047  Use anatomy and physiology knowledge to support safe and effective exercise
  • BSBOPS304 Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • SISFFIT032   Complete pre-exercise screening and service orientation
  • SISFFIT033   Complete client fitness assessments
  • SISFFIT040   Develop and instruct gym based exercise programs for individual clients
  • SISXCAI009 Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
  • BSBPEF301  Organise personal work priorities
  • SISFFIT037 Develop and instruct group movement programs for children

Certificate IV in Fitness Course Modules

Individual Units

Click on the items below to learn more.

  • SISFFIT041 Develop personalised exercise programs
  • SISFFIT034 Assess client movement and provide exercise advice
  • SISFFIT043 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for body composition goals
  • SISFFIT053 Support healthy eating for individual fitness clients
  • CHCCOM006 Establish and Manage Client Relationships
  • SISFFIT050 Support exercise behaviour change
  • SISFFIT042 Instruct personalised exercise sessions
  • SISXCAI010 Develop strength and conditioning programs
  • SISFFIT049 Use exercise science principles in fitness instruction
  • SISFFIT051 Establish and maintain professional practice for fitness instruction
  • SISCCAI005 Conduct individualised long-term training programs
  • SISFFIT045 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for adolescent clients
  • SISFFIT044 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for older clients
  • BSBESB404 Market New Business Ventures
  • BSBESB401 Research and Develop Small Business Plans
  • BSBESB402 Establish legal and Risk Management Requirements of New business Ventures
  • BSBESB403 Plan Finances for New Business Ventures
"I have no problem recommending Fit Education to both individuals and companies."

I have just completed my Cert 3 and 4 with Fit Education and have found them to have top service, extremely fast and efficient and very open with their communication on what I needed. Having also been able to RPL through the course due to previous studies this further helped me speed up my studies but also gave me a further insight into the fitness industry. I have no problem recommending Fit Education to both individuals and companies.

Chris Goldsmith

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Do You Need Fitness Certification Online?

If so, then you are in luck. Fit Education is an industry leader when it comes to training health and fitness professionals. We have an impressive track record of producing instructors, trainers and coaches that have gone on to establish successful careers around the world. We have built an outstanding team of skilled practitioners and insightful mentors who deliver first-class training in all areas of sports development, strength and conditioning, health and fitness. We offer our fully accredited and recognised qualifications through online coursework and practical face to face assessment so that students can learn in their own time and still benefit from the hands-on instruction of working professionals.

Study And Get Qualified At Your Own Pace

The time it takes to complete our fitness certificates depends on how swiftly you can complete the coursework, assessments and practicals. Keen students can get qualified in a matter of months. Whereas students with tighter time restrictions often complete the course within twelve months. After you graduate with a Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness or both, you will have the skill and practical knowledge to go into the workforce. You will be able to access our extensive employment network to help you find and secure a job in your particular area of specialty. With contacts throughout Australia and further afield we can help you get a firm foothold in the health and fitness industry.

Find Your Ideal Job With A Cert III or IV in Fitness

All of the Fit Education courses on offer are up to date and nationally recognised under the SIS Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package. This means that your qualification will be recognised throughout Australia. Completing a nationally recognised course also means that you will be able to register with Fitness Australia. This will give you an easily recognised, professional credential as well as the relevant insurance that you will need to work as a fitness professional. Although other countries have different requirements and qualifications for working professionally in health and fitness, Fit Education has helped many of our graduates to secure work in other countries by applying for recognition of international qualifications on their behalf.

You Can Do No Better Than Fit Education

If you are looking for personal trainer certification online,then you need to consider what Fit Education can offer you. We go above and beyond our competition by delivering courses that comprise more than the required proficiencies. We do so to ensure our graduates are well prepared for their role as fitness and health professionals and help them achieve greater success beyond their initial qualifications. Fit Education 2019 graduates:

  • 86% were employed or enrolled in further study after training.
  • 92% were satisfied with the overall quality of their training.
  • 92% would recommend the training and 93.3% would recommend their training provider.
  • 94% achieved their main reason for doing the training. (NCVER VET Student Outcomes 2019 Report)

If you’re not convinced then why not take a look at our website where you can find client testimonials and see our excellent results for yourself.

Professional Course Content

Most of our courses can be completed over the course of a year depending on the student’s schedule and commitment. Our courses are conducted and assessed by qualified sports professionals who work in the industry and are on hand to offer advice and answer student questions and concerns. Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness covers a wide array of modules to ensure that students have the very best understanding of the essential competencies required to deliver first-rate fitness instruction and training. Specific modules cover areas such as:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Orientation, health screening and fitness
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise instruction
  • Specific Populations
  • Group exercise
  • First aid
  • Personal training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Children and adolescents
  • Small business – PT business design
  • Study Our Courses Your Own Way

We offer excellent payment plans and funding options for all of our courses. By paying for your course in advance, you can avail of a reduction in your overall course fees. However, if you prefer to pay in instalments, then a personal payment plan can be negotiated. For students studying a course online who find they are running out of time to complete their modules, there is the option of extending the course for a small fee. Fit education is always ready and willing to help with any problems you may encounter during your course and we advise our students to get in touch if they need assistance. We are always happy to help find a positive solution.

Surpass The Rest By Learning From The Best

Fit Education offers unparalleled course programs that go far beyond the knowledge necessary for the current minimum requirements. By studying our certificate 3 in fitness online, you will be learning from Australia’s leading fitness and performance instructors. After completing our courses you will not only be able to work independently in your chosen field, but you will also be able to competently prescribe your own exercise program.

Want To Get Your Certificate 3 And 4 In Fitness The Right Way?
Then enrolling with Fit Education is the best move you can make regardless of where you are. Our wide range of high-quality fitness courses is available online and on-campus to help students study the way that suits them best. Our training framework has consistently produced excellent health and fitness professionals year in, year out. Pursuing Fit Education courses is the only way to get your career in fitness, personal training or sports management off to the best start. We boast a large number of successful students who have found full-time employment in the sports fitness industry after qualifying from our courses. When it comes to fitness education, we deliver the very best.

Work Anywhere in Australia with a Cert III and IV in Fitness

Freedom is something that we all want to hold onto for as long as we possibly can. However, the working world typically ties us down to certain places, often for many years at a time. When you’re young the last thing you want is to feel that the opportunity to see the country and experience different ways of life are limited.
However, those that possess a Cert III and IV in Fitnessare at a distinct advantage in this regard. This qualification is essentially a passport to work where and when you want. It provides those that have it with many different opportunities and the good news is that it can be studied for and attained online.

At Fit Education, we endeavour to afford Australian fitness enthusiasts and those who want to share their passion for health with others an educational solution that provides them with a wealth and depth of knowledge that is unrivalled. Our nationally accredited courses are a stepping stone to being job-ready and, therefore, make our students much more employable.
Our Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to equip themselves with the requisite training and education that will enable them to work as a personal trainer or as a group fitness trainer. Regardless of what your preference is, you gain the possibility of working anywhere and under the circumstances that you prefer. So, whether you like being in the gym or prefer to engage in different environments, you will have the freedom to choose your path.

Health and Fitness Pros Have a Lot to Look Forward to with a Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Here at Fit Education, you benefit from a team that has an incredible amount of practical experience on their respective CVs as well as in-depth training and learning. Initially, we delivered the cert III and IV in fitness exclusively in Brisbane, in a face-to-face manner.

However, the success rates of our students were a testament to the education that we delivered and with demand for our courses growing, we decided that it was time to embrace the 21st Century and harness the very best of technology to make it possible for many more students to benefit.

Those who are thinking about undertaking the course will likely want to know what they stand to gain. Well, the most obvious aspect of your work as a personal trainer or fitness instructor is that you will live and breathe your passion every single day that you work. This will keep your mind and body in great shape and as you grow your client base, you can expect many more opportunities that will drive your career forward at a rapid pace.

The best part of helping others achieve their fitness and health goals is that you know that you have made a very real difference in their lives. Having a positive impact on one person will undoubtedly inspire others to follow suit, which means that society, in general, becomes stronger and more positive.

Gaining your cert III and IV in fitness online spares you from working in an office or an environment that could be harmful to your health. As you strive to improve as a professional, you continue to learn, benefit from the knowledge and skills that you teach and create a better outlook for those who engage your services.

At Fit Education, we believe that our work helps to develop the next generation of inspirational leaders. Our goal is to help you succeed and we will afford you every opportunity to learn and grow with our assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step toward a life of freedom and fulfilment today.

If you’re still unsure about enrolling with us, then we advise you to read some of the client testimonials on our website where you can see the extent of our students’ individual success firsthand. While you are there, you can download our brochure for further course detail. Or why not give us a call, we’d be delighted to explain exactly how we can help you achieve your fitness education goals.

Access Fitness Trainer Certification by Australia’s Experts Online

The idea of what a personal trainer does is often very different from reality. While helping people to achieve their goals is, without doubt, the key element, there are many more considerations to be taken and work that needs to be done before anyone can say that they are even close to the complete package. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but learning the techniques from professionals who understand what it takes to succeed is the best way to harness what makes you better than everyone else.

Fitness trainer certification that achieves all of this and much more is accessible today here at Fit Education. We believe in the potential of our students and our team of experienced professionals and superior tutors collectively strive to bring out the best in them so that they are afforded every chance to succeed. To date, we have helped launch the careers of over five thousand people, all of whom came from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience.

Our methods speak for themselves. Numerous past students have won awards in the Queensland Training Awards and there are plenty of student success videos on our YouTube channel that are ready for you to view right now, not to mention the many testimonials you will find here on this site. We believe that learning, implementing this knowledge and then using it for the betterment of others is a winning formula and one that will stand you in good stead into the future.

There’s More to Life as a Personal Trainer Than You Might Think

Our personal trainer certification is accessible online, which makes it very easy for any aspiring health and fitness professionals to tap into a world of expertise and superior support as and when it suits them. However, while education is the building block on which your empire will grow, there are many other aspects to life as a personal trainer that must be mastered if you are to thrive.

Having the right mentality about the job is essential. We all love the fact that part of our job entails working out and engaging our muscles, which has positive effects. However, it is worth bearing in mind that your role while working is not to see results for yourself, but to ensure that each client you work with is seeing the results that they have hired you to help them achieve.

Here at Fit Education, we incorporate a business element to all of our courses because we know that unless you can balance the books, keep people engaged by smart marketing and work on those additional elements that make your classes special, such as additional learning undertaken on your own time that enables you to provide your clients with useful information. Embracing ongoing learning is crucial because health and fitness are continually evolving and those who fall behind are destined to be left behind.

Sometimes, personal trainers receive little reward for their efforts and it is important to prepare for that eventuality, too. Different clients will respond differently to your methods and even when they see results they may not give you the credit you are due. Your job as a professional is to be a professional because strong word-of-mouth will bring another client and they can be referred by even the most unlikely of past clients.

At Fit Education, we provide the best fitness certification courses available online in Australia. All of our courses are nationally accredited and you stand to benefit from our extensive professional fitness industry network. We have helped past students to create careers that have proven to be highly lucrative and we know that in our hands you can achieve the very same. So, get in touch or sign up for a course today. We look forward to being part of your success story.

Fit Education provides personal training, strength and conditioning and instructors courses. View our certificate III and IV outline or our diplomas, for the more advanced courses.