Health is Wealth.


Health is Wealth – In the recent 11th of May Federal Budget, the Treasurer stated that addressing the nation’s mental health ‘is a clear national priority’.

Gym Managers – Employment Statistics

Gym managers, personal training managers, and group fitness managers play a crucial role in managing fitness centres, personal training studios, and sports clubs. Not only do they oversee the day-to-day […]

Fitness Industry on the Rise

Fitness industry

I was lucky enough to attend our fitness industry associations recent information session in Brisbane, and it reinforced what I expected. The fitness industry is on the rise and becoming […]

Sport Coaching – Employment Statistics

Sport coach

Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials coach, train and instruct participants in sports, and officiate at sporting events. Here you will learn some interesting sport coaching employment statistics. Some of the […]

Employment Statistics for Personal Trainers

The Australian population is becoming more unhealthy. While this is bad news for Australia and the taxpayer, it is good news for Personal Trainers, as the industry is booming. Research […]