Supersets are a great way to help build strength and muscle time efficiently.

Does Exercise Really Work?

With the demands of the workplace ever increasing, it would be comforting to know that exercise didn’t really matter to our health and wellbeing, and if we did spend our […]

Choreography and Exercise Classes

There are many types of exercise classes that involve performing a set of movements to music. These classes are usually performed in a group setting and are a great way to make exercise enjoyable.

Importance of Strength Training for Women


In order to create a well-rounded exercise program, elements of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness are necessary. There are limited studies on the benefits of strength training for women despite […]

Exercise and Mental Wellbeing

Mental health problems is one of the world’s modern pandemics, as it becomes the 3rd leading cause of chronic health problems in youth with the leading cause of death for […]

Fitness is an Essential Service

Exercise is essential for the wellbeing and physical health of all humans in conjunction with a proper diet. It is time fitness was considered as an essential service by the […]

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises

Exercise is commonly divided into two types; aerobic (things like running, swimming and cycling) and anaerobic exercise (weight training and activities that last less than approximately one minute, such as […]

Exercise Selection for Perfect Programming

There is an art / skill to choosing the right exercises for your clients. The most important consideration of exercise selection is to select exercises that have a fundamental application […]