Why Do we Always Forget about Preventive Health?

What were the major party’s preventative health strategies? An internet search comes up with nothing. They were non-existent. We know that prevention is better than cure. Data, research, and history have continually shown a four-fold return on investment to the health budget. We know that exercise improves physical and mental health. 

Combine Fitness & Nutrition with Ease: Study a Certificate In Nutrition.

As a Personal Trainer, you’re dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. But, until now, offering nutrition advice alongside your fitness services was a challenging and expensive process. With the new and accessible Certificate of Nutrition, you can bridge the gap between fitness and nutrition, making your fitness business a one-stop-shop for clients’ health and wellness needs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how getting a Certificate of Nutrition can help you stand out and take your fitness business to the next level.

Breaking Unhealthy Habits

Habit: usual way of behaviour or a tendency that someone has settled into. 

Whether it’s our morning routine or our night time bed routine that we can’t go to bed until all steps are followed, habits are regular activities done in the same place, same time and with the same people. We are all creatures of habit. 

Myths: Eating Carbohydrates On A Diet

Carbohydrates: One of the biggest misconceptions around is that you should limit your carbohydrate intake when trying to lose weight. Myths like these have been given credibility due to celebrities […]