Strength Training

Strength Training

Weight Training: Why Everyone Should Lift

Weight training has many benefits including: Increasing overall strength. Weight training improves a person’s ability to perform taxing physical tasks as well as normal, everyday activities—like bringing in the groceries […]

Bulking Up and Gaining Strength

Want to Increase strength, achieve a suitable body composition, and maintain fitness levels? Read on. If you take your sporting performance (or health) seriously, you should already be consuming a […]

Strength Training For Masters Athletes

STRENGTH TRAINING FACT:  Veteran athletes lose strength as they age. Humans start losing muscle mass after the age of 38. Research suggests that this age-related loss of muscle strength impacts […]

Fat Burning Exercise: The Facts

Fat Burning: Health magazines are always full of new ways to burn fat faster then ever before. Modest to wild claims occurs on a monthly basis as to what method […]