Online Health and Fitness Coach @ BlissBodyU

Online Health and Fitness Coach @ BlissBodyU

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You’re a hungry, driven and organized person who wants to take their next career step. You love people, get enjoyment out of seeing others progress and overcome their challenges. You could be considered the ‘go to’ person in your social circles, you have the right answers and are supportive.

You love to work, are career focused and are ready to get your hands dirty. You are solution-focused and propose solutions constantly. When you’re unsure about something, you will research and try to find the answer, rather than giving in and saying, “I don’t know”.

You’re a great communicator and are efficient. You’re not likely to get intimidated and can stand your ground and speak your mind when necessary.
You’re a sponge for information and love learning, striving to know as much as you can, as quickly as you can.

You’re well-presented and earn the respect of others easily. You’re upfront and A to B, plus love to find the most efficient way to get things done.

You must be computer literate and have a minimum of Cert 3+4 in Fitness.

NOTE: We do not require any additional qualifications, other than being brilliant at the above. Though having some training in Pilates is a bonus!

About the role:

You’re the backbone of your client’s success, keeping them accountable throughout the week, a cheerleader but also their captain. You’re not there to baby them though, you’ll be working with Australian women between 40-60yrs old.

You will have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, seeing the client all the way to their end goal via text and 1 on 1 zoom meetings.

This role is 100% online, meaning you won’t have someone looking over your shoulder every 10 minutes, so you have to be self-motivated, focused and able to keep yourself on task. You must be a fast learner and willing to dive in and learn everything you need to, to be able to do this role successfully.

You will be part of a team and have access to daily 1on1 training to get you off the ground and weekly group training with the other coaches but will also have your independence as a working professional.

If this sounds like a challenge for you, please contact us via our Instagram of Facebook Page.

We look forward hearing from you.