Are Running Shoes Doing More Harm Than Good?

Are Running Shoes Doing More Harm Than Good?

Running shoes or bare foot running?

As all technical areas of running are accelerating in relation to research and performance the newly adapted running shoes seem to be causing more harm than good. The running shoe market is ever growing and changing in order to supply a more natural and injury free run, as well as increasing performance. It seems that the advanced running shoes are actually an inferior option than their previous counterparts. Even as far back as 1939. Gordon Pirie makes these above statements in his book ” Running fast and Injury Free”. Pirie highlights how many records have been set and championships won throughout history with athletes running barefoot. He believed, with sufficient evidence, that by making the running shoe more like bare foot running an athlete can increase performance, and decrease the prevalence of injury substantially.

Gordon Pirie

His main point is how the modern running shoe is too technical and not specific to the needs of a general runner. The basic needs of a runner need to be targeted and utilised appropriately. These basic areas are injury prevention, increasing performance and supplying a more natural run. Common running injuries such as blisters and Achilles tendon tenderness can be rectified by simple, but overly effective methods, that are not used by major shoe manufacturing companies. Pirie recommends obtaining lightweight snug shoes that fit like a glove. This, accompanied with some DIY modifications will decrease the incidence of injury and increase performance substantially. By using these simple measures, the natural technique of running can be performed. Today’s running shoes move away from natural running technique, and therefore increase injury and decrease the effectiveness of athletes running.

By following the few helpful steps supplied by Pirie, a safer and more complete running experience can be achieved easily. It will reduce the incidence of injury whilst increasing performance and ultimately gaining greater satisfaction from your running experience. All this simply by using the correct shoe.