In this comprehensive course, the Fit Education team have brought together years of industry experience working at the top of sport and fitness, to cover topics including:

  • Issues Affecting Sportspeople
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Personal Training
  • Marketing

The Fit Education Team have worked with English Premier League clubs like Fulham FC, and professional rugby league and union teams like the Brisbane Broncos and the Wallabies. These insights form the basis of the Fit Education Diploma of Sport Development. Read More

Are You Interested In A Diploma In Sport Development?

Then take your fitness career to the next level with the help of Fit Education. We have trained some of the best sports and fitness professionals working in the industry. Our courses are delivered by experts, that also work in the industry, ensuring our course content is always at the cutting edge. Our students gain access to the very best training principles and techniques, as well as exciting networking opportunities to help access and secure the most highly coveted positions in the field. Advance your career, by enrolling in a Fit Education Diploma of Sport Development. Study in your own time, around your own schedule, and earn your qualification your own way.

Take Your Career To A Higher Level with a Diploma in Sport Development

If you have an interest in working with athletes as a high-performance coach, or a sports development manager, then our Diploma of Sport Development is the perfect course for you. This diploma provides students with the necessary skills to:

  • Help athletes with sports psychology
  • Prevent and manage an injuries
  • Bring evidence-based practice to exercise programs
  • Give nutrition information to athletes
  • Efficiently use technology for sport, fitness and recreation work
  • Apply anatomy and physiology knowledge to advanced personal training
  • Explore marketing opportunities
  • Provide information on drugs in sport
  • Prepare periodised strength and conditioning programs

This course is comprised of five modules:

  1. Issues Affecting Sportspeople
  2. Advanced Strength and Conditioning
  3. Evidence Based Research Project
  4. Advanced Personal Training
  5. Marketing

Get Financial Assistance for Your Sports Development Diploma

Vet Student Loan (VSL) funding is available for the Diploma of Sport Development. Fit Education is an approved provider of  the VSL funded Diploma of Sport Development. This means you can get a head-start on your career in health and fitness. There has never been a better time to enrol.

Study for Your Diploma of Sport Development Online

Every year across the world the sports world provides endless hours of entertainment. It is very easy to lose sight of the fact that countless hours and years go into each athlete’s development before they are every even heard of on a state, national or international stage. Behind the scenes, there is no doubt that such famed stars depend heavily on the knowledge and expertise of their backroom staff.

A Diploma of Sport Development is a crucial document that many of these people will possess, and without it, they stand little chance of making a meaningful difference in the lives of the world’s elite athletes.

At Fit Education, students from every part of Australia engage with our courses each year. We have earned a reputation for excellence and commitment to our students that is second to none. From our base in Brisbane, we seek to create an in-depth educational experience that equips our students with the knowledge and practical application that they need to take their interest in fitness, health and sports onto the next level.

Our graduates benefit from a team who have “been there, done that” all around the world. Our assessors continue to provide support and expertise to some of the most well-known sports brands in the world, which is why our students complete their studies with a greater degree of confidence and a sense that they are equipped to take on the world.

Choose Where and How You Work With a Diploma of Sport Development

With a nationally accredited course from an educational provider that has a proven track record, you stand a far better chance of being considered for very exciting opportunities. However, whether you earn your Diploma of Sport Development online or if you engage with the program here in Brisbane, the working world is vastly different now compared to even ten years ago.

Our students are equipped with more than just the theoretical and practical sports knowledge that they will use professionally. We believe that it is just as important to provide you with business understanding and marketing competencies that will empower you to harness the potential of the Internet and do something that you are passionate about.

The traditional gym still exists, but it is just one of many different ways that our students continue to deliver their outstanding services. With your qualification, you can work throughout Australia as well as abroad in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. What’s more, by engaging your creativity and thinking outside the box, you may discover an untapped niche in the market that you are ideal for, and know exactly how to exploit.

The beauty of securing a Diploma of Sport Development is that your skills will be applicable no matter where you choose to settle. Whether you want to specialise in strength and conditioning or personal training or if you want to engage with sportspeople directly, there are countless opportunities to do so that will afford you the chance to pursue your career the way that you feel is best.

At Fit Education, we relish the opportunity to work with ambitious people. Our courses were designed for those who have a hunger for learning and a desire to lead their chosen field once they step out into the world. With the support of some of the best teachers and assessors in the business, your choice to undertake a Diploma of Sport Development online is one that has the potential to open many doors and put you at the heart of the most exciting industries in the world.

Invest In Your Future Today

Our graduates are working around the world with some of the greatest sporting institutions. Others have established their own thriving health and fitness businesses. You could join in the success by studying a Diploma of Sport Development and forging a career for yourself. Take a look at our student testimonials, as well as the job listings on our website, to see some of the opportunities that await you.

Fit Education provides personal training, strength and conditioning and fitness instructor courses. View our Certificate III and IV in Fitness courses, or our Diploma of Sport Development, or Diploma of Fitness.

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As a leader in this field, Fit Education is one of the few dedicated fitness education registered training organisations to be approved for the government’s Vocational Educational Training Student Loan (VSL) program. This government loan scheme allows our students to gain all of the benefits of our diploma program with financial assistance so they can stop dreaming and start studying immediately. At Fit Education, we’re dedicated to making a career in sports and fitness a reality . What are you waiting for? Enrol Today.


The Diploma of Sports Development is geared towards experienced fitness professionals, who are looking to take the next step in their career. At Fit Education we’ll connect you to many of Australia’s top sports performance experts. Together these professionals offer a unique mix of cutting-edge training techniques, and exciting networking opportunities that can help you access, and secure the most highly coveted positions in the field.

If you’re struggling to translate your motivation and background into real income, the insider knowledge in this program will provide the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. From health and fitness specific marketing techniques, to advanced strength and conditioning programs based on the very latest in scientific research, our Diploma of Sport Development gives you the tools you need to become a true leader in the field of athletic performance.

Whether you’re looking to enter the world of professional sports, or simply looking to expand upon your existing business model, this program will assist in your career moving forward.


Issues Affecting Sportspeople
  • SISSSCO306 Provide drugs in sport information
  • SISSSCO307 Provide nutrition information to athletes
  • SISSSCO308 Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology
  • SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
Advanced Strength and Conditioning
  • SISSSCO512 Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness
  • SISSSCO513 Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs
  • SISXICT001 Select and use technology for sport, fitness, and recreation work
  • ICAICT308A Use advanced features of computer applications
Advanced PT
  • SISFFIT024 Instruct endurance programs
  • SISFFIT029 Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training
  • SISXRSK502A Manage organisational risks
  • SISXWHS402 Implement and monitor work health and safety policies
  • BSBMKG501B Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
  • BSBMKG502B Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • BSBMKG514B Implement and monitor marketing activities
  • SISXCCS403A Determine needs of client populations
Evidence Based Research Project

What our students say

“The Fit Education course was a great opportunity for me to gain experience and learn new things about the fitness industry. The teaching team have a great theoretical basis, as well as years of experience.”

Veronika Larisova
“Perhaps the best attribute of the course was its flexibility. Often I had the choice of ‘at home’ or ‘in the classroom’ studies. In particular Steve’s first-rate, hands-on knowledge proved invaluable to my learning experience. I would recommend the course to anyone seeking a career in the fitness industry.”

Gary Belcher
“The learning outcomes exceeded my expectations, thanks to examples from Steve Nance’s career, the facilities, and the full gym on offer. I have now secured a full-time personal trainer position at Jetts Fitness, Taringa, as well as creating my own personal training business, Equipt Personal Training.”

Braden Hibberd