How Long Will My Personal Trainer Course Take?

Personal Trainer Course Length 

We regularly get asked how long it will take to complete a personal trainer course. A lot of people are keen to smash out their course so they can start working in the industry and help their colleagues get fitter.

The Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Fitness Courses are competency-based which means that you need to show competency in each of the units within the qualification. The sooner you can do this the sooner we can issue your qualifications. It is our job to help you show that you are competent. We want you to be successful and make a difference in the health and wellness of others. If you are deemed “not yet competent” you will be given feedback and can resubmit to show competence.

Another option that can allow people with industry experience or learn to fast track their qualifications is RPL (Recognised Prior Learning). Fit Education can apply your existing skills and knowledge towards the Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness to get you qualified and working. Discuss RPL with your Fit Education Careers Adviser at

We have had students complete their personal trainer qualifications in a matter of weeks. The My Skills Website reports the average Cert 3 in Fitness Course length is 6 months, and the average Cert 4 in Fitness Course length is 8 months.

Whether it’s speed, or comprehensiveness you’re after, you’ll find Fit Education’s personal training programs deliver. Accredited with ITECA, (Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia), we are also VSL approved, and CRICOS registered, which means we a quality personal training course provider.

You have 12 months to complete your Certificate III in Fitness Course and 12 months to complete your Certificate IV in Fitness Course. Course extensions are available at $50 per month.

PT Courses

In order to become a personal trainer, you need to complete what is known as a Certificate 4 in Fitness which is part of the national training package. Once you complete this certificate, you are entitled to work in a gym, leisure or community environment that is safe and that is supervised. The Certificate 3 in Fitness is a pre-requisite to the Cert 4 in Fitness and allows you to work as a gym instructor or group fitness instructor.

The really good news about our programs, though, is they can all be fast-tracked. Because we deliver the program in a flexible blended method of face-to-face and online study, you can complete it quickly – if you are willing to put in the extra time and effort!

A career as a personal trainer gives you options you never had before 

Personal trainers can work gym hours or their own hours. It doesn’t really matter. Because you gain a skill that allows you to acquire your own clients after you study with us, you can also work flexibly from wherever you please.

You can train your clients at a gym, at your home, at their home or even a park or beach. If flexibility and a career that earns you respect are what matter to you, then a personal trainer course may just what you need to consider – right now!

Personal trainers in any city in Australia earn a good income

Complete your personal trainer course and you could earn up to $48,317 in your first year of employment alone. Source: *Job Outlook Government website. Read more about Personal Trainer employment statistics here.

Should you decide to work part time, the minimum rate you would charge would be $27 an hour.  Even if you worked just three days a week, you would earn a gross income of $33,696 – more than enough to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with at least one annual holiday in Bali!

Personal training courses- which one do you choose?

Choosing a personal trainier course is as important as choosing your life partner. Get either decision wrong, and you could soon find your income plans aren’t working out the way you thought they would.

When choosing a personal training course, go with experience. There is no simply any substitute for it.

Fit Education: an experienced provider of personal training programs

Fit Education has 35 years of experience training professional athletes, housewives, and people seeking more flexible career options.

If you are one of these people, or simply someone who is looking for a good career, please give us a call on 1300 348 338. Alternatively, please email us for more information on our courses at

Fit Education provides personal training, strength and conditioning and fitness instructor courses. View our certificate III and IV outline or our diplomas, for the more advanced courses.

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