1st Aid & CPR

Practical Course

Sep 14th

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Complete the theory online and attend the practical workshop at Fit Education

With a nationally accredited first aid course Brisbane and CPR course Brisbane from Fit Education, you’ll be able to confidently manage emergency situations and provide a critical first aid response to anyone suffering a casualty.

Minimum requirement first aid compliance.

CPR Annual Renewal

Covers most common workplace injuries and illnesses.

1st Aid Tri-Annual Renewal

Manage casualty and provide life support.

Compulsory for Cert III Fitness and Cert II Sports & Recreation


All qualified fitness professionals are required to hold a current first aid and CPR certification.

If you are studying the Certificate III in Fitness or Certificate II in Sport & Recreation, first aid and CPR training is compulsory. You will also be required to renew your CPR certification annually, and your first aid certification every 3 years to ensure your skills remain current. If these certifications are not maintained, your insurance may not be valid.

Fit Education’s First Aid course Brisbane Certificate is the current government-approved course and the generalist first aid course that employers in Australia require. It is suitable for both employees and individuals who would like to be able to provide first aid in an emergency. The course is also suitable for anyone needing to renew their certificate, as currently all first aid certifications must be renewed every 3 years.

First Aid Course Brisbane

CPR Course Brisbane

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR course Brisbane gives you with skills to perform correct CPR on a person who is unconscious and not breathing normally. This comprehensive training will give you the confidence in your knowledge and skills to perform CPR on an adult, child or infant. You will also learn alternative methods for delivering rescue breaths and how to manage a victim of drowning. Currently, all CPR certifications must be renewed annually.

Course Date Thursday September 14th 


10:00am - 01:00pm


Fit Education Campus
55 Queenscroft St
Chelmer QLD 4068


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